What is the acceptance rate at Csula?

76.5% (2020)California State University, Los Angeles / Acceptance rate

California State University–Los Angeles admissions is less selective with an acceptance rate of 76%. Half the applicants admitted to California State University–Los Angeles have an SAT score between 870 and 1060 or an ACT score of 15 and 20.

Which Cal State has the lowest graduation rate?

Ashford University has the lowest graduation rate of 8% for academic year 2019-2020 in California.

What CSU is easiest to get into?

Easiest CSU Colleges to Get into in California Humboldt is located in a beautiful area of Northern California. The acceptance rate in 2020 was 92 percent, and, lucky for you, you can complete an application for the CSU system and submit it to multiple schools.

Is Csula safe?

Cal State LA On-Campus Crime Stats In 2019, California State University – Los Angeles reported 77 incidents related to crime and safety that involved students on campus. That works out to 2.89 incidents per 1,000 students, considering that the student body population is 26,671.

What is the graduation rate for Cal Poly?

82% (For first-time, full-time in 2018–19)California Polytechnic State University / Graduation rate

Is Csula or Csuf better?

Cal State Fullerton – Academic Comparison | UnivStats….Cal State LA vs. Cal State Fullerton.

California State University-Los AngelesLos Angeles, CA Request Info California State University-FullertonFullerton, CA Request Info
Lower52% Graduate Rate Higher69%
2% Transfer-out Rate 2%
Lower82% Retention Rate Higher88%
Special Learning Opportunity

Is Csula hard to get into?

The school has a 76% acceptance rate ranking it #63 in California for lowest rate of acceptance. Last year, 24,046 out of 31,442 applicants were admitted making California State University Los Angeles an easy school to get into with a very good chance of acceptance assuming you meet the requirements.

What is the best Cal State?

San Diego State and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo probably have the best academic reputations of all of the CSUs….Ranking of Cal State Schools.

School US News Ranking
1. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 3
2. San Diego State 143 (National Universities)
3. Cal Poly Pomona 10