What is the APS score for teaching at North-West University?

APS Score: The results obtained in four designated subjects and two NSC subjects are used in the computation of the APS score. Life Orientation is excluded. A Minimum score of 24 is required.

Which courses are still available at NWU?


  • Executive Training.
  • Arts, Culture and Language.
  • NWU Business School.
  • Education and Teacher Development.
  • Engineering.
  • Environmental Management.
  • Financial Science and Economics.
  • Human Health.

What courses does pukke offer?

Our Faculties

  • Accounting Sciences.
  • Business & Governance (Business School)
  • Economic Sciences.
  • Industrial Psychology and Human Resource Management.
  • Management Sciences.
  • Tourism.

Are applications open at NWU for 2022?

The NWU is in the process of being accredited for new PG Diploma qualifications and the information will be updated in due course. Applications for 2022 are closed.

Which university is pukke?

the North-West University
The Potchefstroom campus of the North-West University (nicknamed “Pukke”) was formerly known as the Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education (abbreviated PU for CHE).

Does NWU offer LLB?

The LLB is also offered as a second degree for students already in possession of a BA in Law or a BCom in Law: Mahikeng and Potchefstroom Campuses. A Extended Bachelor of Law ( 5 years): Mahikeng Campus. Extended LLB is when the law modules are spread over a period of five years rather than four.

Is 29 a good APS score?

Each University has its own rules about calculating the APS but, generally, the percentage marks for your top 7 subjects or your top 6 subjects (excluding Life Orientation) are converted into points and added together to give one score….How to calculate your APS score?

Marks (%) APS score
40 – 49 3
30 – 39 2
0 – 29 1

What is the lowest APS score?

For courses in the Humanities, the minimum APS is 28. However, a score of 27 will be considered if there are spaces available. The results of the National Benchmark Test (NBT) will be considered for students who do not meet subject requirements.

Can I study at NWU without matric?

To qualify for admission to formal degree/diploma study after successful completion of the UnivPrep programme, participants who have not met the minimum requirements for admission to Bachelor study (for degree admission) or Diploma study (for admission to the Grade R Diploma) in the National Senior Certificate …