What is the background of Hamilton the musical?

It tells the story of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. Miranda said he was inspired to write the musical after reading the 2004 biography Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. The show draws heavily from hip hop, as well as R&B, pop, soul, and traditional-style show tunes.

Is there a video version of Hamilton?

It doesn’t seem like all that long ago that musical theater buffs were calling in all their favors for a shot at Hamilton tickets—and now, the hit show is about as accessible as it can be: a filmed version of the musical featuring the original Broadway cast, is available to stream, whenever you’d like.

What is the controversy over Hamilton the musical?

Skipping certain elements allowed for a more dramatic story. However, different aspects that were cut are crucial to the country’s overall history, which has led to the most controversial piece of the play: Hamilton’s view on slavery.

What race was Alexander Hamilton?

The illegitimate son of a Scottish immigrant father and a British West Indian mother (who happened to be married to someone else), Alexander Hamilton was born on the Caribbean island of Nevis on January 11.

Why did Miranda write Hamilton?

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit musical Hamilton is about the life of U.S. statesman and Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. Miranda was inspired to write the musical after reading Ron Chernow’s biography Alexander Hamilton on vacation.

Is Hamilton coming to Netflix?

Unfortunately, Hamilton: The Musical is not available to watch on Netflix.

How can I watch the full Hamilton musical?

Disney+ is premiering the Tony-winning musical exclusively on its platform for unlimited, ad-free viewing. You can sign up for Disney+ for just $6.99 a month here. A subscription gets you instant access to Hamilton, plus the entire slate of Disney and Marvel movies, and original shows like The Mandalorian.

Why did Lin Manuel Miranda write Hamilton?

What is the message of Hamilton the musical?

“Hamilton” also speaks about whether the world is wide enough for all of us with different stances and beliefs to live and thrive in. It is a story that speaks about legacy and what we want it to be for our future generations and what path are we willing to take to make that possible.