What is the best synonym for insistent?


  • assertive.
  • dire.
  • emphatic.
  • forceful.
  • incessant.
  • persistent.
  • pressing.
  • resolute.

What is the word for proving something right?

1 ascertain, attest, authenticate, bear out, confirm, corroborate, demonstrate, determine, establish, evidence, evince, justify, show, show clearly, substantiate, verify. 2 analyse, assay, check, examine, experiment, put to the test, put to trial, test, try.

What is the difference between insistence and persistence?

To start with, insist means to urge while persist means to continue something.

What is the antonym of insistence?

What is the opposite of insistence?

denial disavowal
repudiation renunciation
disclaimer rejection
abjuration disconfirmation

Is it proven or proved?

Both proved and proven are are acceptable as past participle forms. British and some American style guides recommend proved as the only past participle, admitting of established set phrases like “innocent until proven guilty.” Proven as an adjective preceding a noun is standard usage in both British and American usage.

What is insistence?

Insistence: a solemn and often public declaration of the truth or existence of something. Synonyms: affirmation, assertion, asseveration… Antonyms: disavowal…

What is another word for insist?

a continued insistence that there was a massive cover-up by the government. Synonyms for insistence. affirmation, assertion, asseveration, avouchment, avowal, claim,

What are some synonyms for opportunity?

Synonyms for opportunity. convenience. event. excuse. freedom. hope. moment. space. time.