What is the best type of ankle replacement?

While a tibiotalar arthrodesis is traditionally the gold standard, evolving techniques and improved implants have made total ankle replacement (TAR) a viable option with increasing utilization. New data has shown a surge in TAR implantation over the last two decades with good reported outcomes.

What is the average recovery time for ankle replacement surgery?

Most patients can walk using a protective boot at four weeks after surgery and can walk wearing a regular shoe at eight weeks. If any additional surgery is needed in the foot at the time of the ankle replacement, then it may be six weeks before walking in a boot and ten weeks before walking in a shoe.

What is the latest in ankle replacement?

Now, a new lateral-approach total ankle implant called the Zimmer Trabecular Metal Total Ankle Replacement (Zimmer TM TAR) addresses these issues and shows strong promise for long-term outcomes and the future of the technology.

How long do you have pain after ankle replacement?

If the stitches aren’t the type that dissolve, your doctor will remove them in 10 to 14 days. You may still have some mild pain, and the area may be swollen for several months after surgery. Your doctor may prescribe pain medicine for a few weeks. Or the doctor may suggest over-the-counter medicine.

Who is not a good candidate for ankle replacement?

In general, ankle replacement is recommended for people older than 60 who don’t participate in high-impact activities, such as running, and who are not overweight. The surgery may not be a good option if you have weakened ankle ligaments, misaligned ankle bones or nerve damage from diabetes or other medical conditions.

What is the success rate of ankle replacement?

Total ankle replacement with newer types of prosthesis yields good to very good intermediate-term and long-term results, with mean success rates of up to 90% at 10 years (range, 68–100%).

How long are you non weight bearing after ankle replacement?

Although ankle replacement is a major surgery, it is good to move your ankle to circulate blood. However, you need to continue using the crutches and not bearing weight on your ankle for a total of about six weeks after surgery.

Can you run after ankle replacement?

What activities can you do after recovering from ankle surgery? After an ankle replacement, you may be able to do as much walking and swimming as you like. You may also participate in non-impact activities, such as golf. You should not run, jump, perform heavy lifting or manual labor unless your surgeon allows it.

Can I get disability for ankle surgery?

To meet listing 1.03 – Reconstructive Surgery or Arthrodesis of a Major Weight-Bearing Joint, you need to show a couple of things to the SSA: That reconstructive surgery or arthrodesis occurred. That there is an inability to ambulate effectively in knee, hip, or ankle joints after surgery.

Is an ankle fusion a disability?

(In November 2005, ankle fusion was included as part of the right foot disability.

How common is an ankle replacement?

Despite the effectiveness, ankle arthroplasty does not happen often. Between 1998-2010, less than 1 per 100,000 patients got surgery. That number has since increased to more than 2.4 per 100,000. Doctors can treat most cases of ankle arthritis with non-surgical techniques.