What is the code of your subject?

A subject code is a letter-combination used to designate the area of study in a course. It precedes the course number.

What is a subject code in college?

“Subject Code” is a three or four-letter code used in SLU’s curriculum management schema to identify generally the discipline or subject matter of a course (e.g., CHEM, NURS, MATH). A subject code is explicitly not a department code. Multiple subject codes may be assigned to courses from a single department.

How many subjects are there in national university?

Here we listed all 31 Subjects in Honours Course. Before dive into the subject list, we add more information about the Honours Course and Subject choices.

How many subjects are there in BSS?

Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSS) – Honours Total Course Units: 32 (including 30 taught courses) Total Credits: 128 Total Marks: …

What is a subject number?

Subject numbers play a number of important roles in experiments. In longitudinal studies, they can be used to correlate data gathered from a subject at different times. For experiments with between-subject variables, subject numbers play a critical role in assigning participants into particular conditions.

What are course codes?

Typically, a course code includes a letter or number for each specific department; a letter or number for each specific subject (i.e., American history in the history/social studies department OR biology in the science department.)

What is a 2000 level course?

2000- level courses are graduate courses offered in conjunction with 100-level courses, for which graduate students are expected to fulfill substantially enhanced requirements. No student, however may enroll in a 2000-level course if he/she received undergraduate credit for the equivalent undergraduate course.

How many subjects are in honors?

A student pursuing BA Hons. is likely to have 4 core and 2 elective subjects in their curriculum. However, a student studying general BA has the option to select all 6 subjects. Which subject is best for BA? BA Economics and BA Political Science are considered to be the best options.

How many subjects are in a degree?

there are 5 subjects in first year of degree. and four labs are there.

What are the subject in BA Pass?

The most popular BA subjects include English Literature, Economics, Psychology, Psychology, Sociology and Language studies.

What subject is Thomas?

Newt is A5. Thomas is A2. Teresa is A1. Alby is A6 I think.