What is the definition of catgut?

Definition of catgut : a tough cord made usually from sheep intestines.

What are the uses of catgut?

catgut, tough cord made from the intestines of certain animals, particularly sheep, and used for surgical ligatures and sutures, for the strings of violins and related instruments, and for the strings of tennis rackets and archery bows.

Is catgut suture multifilament?

The Simple Catgut is a natural-animal absorbable suture of twisted multifilament structure/monofilament. Contributes to develop a knot with high tensile strength.

What is catgut suture made of?

Catgut or gut suture is an absorbable suture usually manufactured from the intestine of sheep or goat. Catgut suture are composed of highly purified connective tissue derived from either beef or sheep intestines. The membrane is chemically treated and slender strands are woven together to form a suture.

How is catgut absorbed?

Chromic catgut is a modification of plain catgut that is tanned with chromic salts to improve strength and delay dissolution. Gut is absorbed by phagocytosis, and is associated with a marked tissue inflammation that can be detrimental to healing.

Why is catgut called catgut?

Although the name implies the usage of guts of cats, there is no record of feline guts being used for this purpose. The word catgut is derived from the term kitgut or kitstring (the string used on a kit, or fiddle). Misinterpretation of the word kit as referring to a young cat led to the use of the term catgut.

Is catgut still used?

Catgut has largely been replaced by synthetic absorbable polymers such as Vicryl and polydioxanone. It is not used at all for human surgery in some countries.

When do you use catgut suture?

The main indications for use of catgut suture include ligation of superficial vessels and closure of tissues that heal rapidly, such as oral mucosa. Catgut sutures also can be used in situations where one wishes to avoid suture removal, as in small children.

What Colour is catgut?

Catgut suture is straw-colored, and is available in sizes USP 6-0 (1 metric) to USP 3 (7 metric).