What is the difference between arcteryx Beta AR and LT?

Like the Arc’teryx Beta AR Jacket, we love the feature set on the Arc’teryx Beta LT. The main difference between the Beta and Alpha series is that this jacket features double handwarmer pockets instead of chest pockets.

What does Beta LT mean?

“The Beta LT is sporting an extremely streamlined, and well considered, design.” Arc’teryx originally created the Beta LT with the heavier, and more durable, Gore-Tex Pro fabric. This time, they’ve instead decided to opt for the standard Gore-Tex fabric for the Beta LT (LT meaning lightweight, by the way).

Is the Beta LT good for skiing?

Breathability. In short, I was happily surprised by the Beta LT’s breathability. All in all, the Beta LT is a great breather and a nice choice for activities ranging from rainy backpacking trips to spring or mild-weather ski touring.

Is arcteryx Beta AR worth the money?

Weather Protection. The Arc’teryx Beta AR has proven to be both a great shoulder-season and winter jacket, skillfully blocking out rain, wind, and snow. Built with the latest beefed-up version of Gore-Tex’s Pro membrane, the jacket delivers bombproof 3-layer protection at a reasonable weight.

Is arcteryx Beta LT waterproof?

Designed with a disciplined simplicity that maximizes its versatility, Beta LT delivers all-mountain performance. Its lightweight, durable, bluesign® approved 3L GORE-TEX fabric provides waterproof, windproof, breathable protection across a range of activities.

How do I know if my arc teryx jacket is real?

Arc’teryx products consist of a three part naming scheme:

  1. The first part indicates the range.
  2. The second (2-letter code) describes the characteristics of the particular garment within the range.
  3. The 3rd part indicates the type of garment (Jacket, Hoody, Pants, Gloves, Backpack, etc).

Does arc teryx fit small?

Overall, Arc’teryx fits slightly smaller than you might expect. When buying it’s important to check out any size guides or graphs available from the retailer you’re buying from. It’s also just as important to think about what purpose your piece serves if you’re buying a jacket.

How long does an arc teryx jacket last?

How long do Arc’teryx jackets last? If the jacket is really expensive like a $700 jacket you’ll get the practical lifespan of 10-15 years. This means if the Arcteryx jacket is damaged under the practical lifespan they will replace it for free or will repair it at a reasonable price.

Can you wear arcteryx skiing?

Versatile GORE-TEX PRO pant for all round (AR) use. All round (AR), durable, flannel backed GORE-TEX backcountry ski jacket. Our lightest GORE-TEX PRO shell for skiing and snowboarding. Rugged GORE-TEX PRO pant for big mountain skiers.

What does LT mean on arcteryx?

LT: Lightweight Lightweight products are designed with streamlined features for high-performance protection that won’t slow you down. The materials are light yet durable, with an emphasis on protecting you against whatever conditions you might encounter.

What does LT stand for ARC teryx?

LT is lightweight with minimalist design (such as no pockets), but still highly durable. SL is even lighter, sacrificing a bit of durability for better packability. LD is specifically designed for long-distance activities like trail running.

What does arcteryx beta mean?

Alpha: These are the most technical products (hardshell) and are specifically designed for climbing and technical mountaineering. If they are garments, outer layers that are waterproof and breathable. Beta: Best-selling range of outer layer waterproof and breathable hardshells.