What is the difference between Megasporogenesis and megagametogenesis?

In the megasporogenesis the diploid megaspore mother cell undergoes meiosis to form four haploid megaspores whereas in the megagametogenesis the megaspore develops into female gamete.

What are the main differences between Microsporogenesis and Megasporogenesis?

Microsporogenesis Megasporogenesis
Microsporogenesis involves the formation of microspores from microspore mother cells by meiotic division. Megasporogenesis is the process of arrangement of megaspores from the megaspore mother cell.
It occurs inside the pollen sac of the anther. It occurs in the ovule of the ovary

What is megagametogenesis explain the development of a Monosporic embryo sac?

It is present inside the ovule or the megasporangium enclosed within the nucellus and integuments. Generally, there is only one embryo sac present in each ovule. Female gametophyte in most of the angiosperms develops from a single megaspore. The formation of a megaspore is known as megasporogenesis.

What is microgametogenesis and Microsporogenesis?

Microsporogenesis is the process of formation of pollen grains (microspores) from the sporogenous tissue. Microgametogenesis is the process of formation of male gametes from the generative cell nucleus that is present inside the pollen grain through mitosis.

What is the process of microgametogenesis?

Microgametogenesis is the process in plant reproduction where a microgametophyte develops in a pollen grain to the three-celled stage of its development. In flowering plants it occurs with a microspore mother cell inside the anther of the plant.

What is Microsporogenesis and Microgametogenesis?

What is megagametogenesis 12?

#biologynotes #grade12. Megagametogenesis is the process of formation of female gamete or egg from megaspores of plants. It occurs as follows: Process: The process takes place inside the ovule of a plant.

How many megaspores are functional after Megasporogenesis?

The MMC undergoes meiosis and produces four haploid megaspores with only the chalazal-most megaspore surviving. During metagametogenesis this functional megaspore (FM) develops into the female gametophyte through three syncytial mitotic divisions followed by cellularization.

What is Megasporogenesis 12?

The process of formation of a megaspore mother cell is known as megasporogenesis. The megaspore mother cell or MMC is a large cell containing dense cytoplasm and a prominent nucleus. The MMC undergoes reductional division or meiosis and forms four haploid megaspores.

What happens in Microgametogenesis?

Microgametogenesis comprises events which lead to the progressive development of the unicellular microspores into mature microgametophytes containing the gametes. This phase begins with the expansion of the microspore which is commonly associated with the formation of a single large vacuole.