What is the fastest time up Alpe d Huez?

37 minutes and 30 seconds
Alberto Contador holds the record for the fastest ascent, in just 37 minutes and 30 seconds during the 2010 Critérium du Dauphiné.

What is the average grade of Alpe d Huez?

Details. The climb to the summit starts at Le Bourg d’Oisans in the Romanche valley. The climb goes via the D211 from where the distance to the summit (at 1,860 m (6,102 ft)) is 13.8 km (8.6 mi), with an average gradient of 8.1%, with 21 hairpin bends and a maximum gradient of 13%.

What is the steepest grade on Alpe d Huez?

Alpe d’Huez stats

  • Location: Alps, France.
  • Distance: 13.8km.
  • Average gradient: 8.1 per cent, with the steepest part 11.5 per cent.
  • Maximum elevation: 1850 metres.
  • Fastest recorded ascent: 37 minutes and 35 seconds by Marco Pantani during 1997 Tour de France.

Can you cycle up Alpe d Huez?

To cycle Alpe d’Huez is to conquer cycling’s most famous mountain: the Alpe d’Huez cycling climb is the most famous climb the sport has. The 21 bends that wiggle up the Alpe d’Huez climb are instantly recognisable and have been responsible for shaping the outcome of the Tour de France more often than perhaps any other.

Is Alpe d’Huez good for beginners?

Alpe d’Huez is an excellent place for beginner skiers, with two large and four smaller nursery ski areas, 41 green pistes and 34 blue pistes to practise on once you’ve mastered the basics.

How long is the Mont Ventoux climb?

21.3 km long
Just take a look at the stats for cycling Mont Ventoux via Bedoin: Bédoin-Mont Ventoux is 21.3 km long, it climbs 1,579 m, and its average gradient is 7.4%.

How difficult is Alpe d’Huez climb?

The legendary climb….all road cyclists have probably thought about cycling Alpe D’Huez one day. With 21 bends over 13km and an average gradient of 8%, it’s not the longest or steepest climb in our part of the French Alps, but it is relentless.

How realistic is Alpe du Zwift?

The default is 50% which is theoretically half as hard as real life; 100% is as hard as real life. At 100% difficulty the gradient changes on Alpe du Zwift will feel nearly impossible! To allow you to ride at slightly less torque, lower the trainer difficulty by a few percent – it will work miracles for you.

What is the longest black run in the world?

La Sarenne
La Sarenne, Alpe d’Huez, France To get ultimate bragging rights, La Sarenne – the longest black run in the world – is a must-ski. Stretching a whopping 16km in length, this slope starts off steep, icy and full of moguls, so get ready to put your technique to the test.

How hard is it to cycle Mont Ventoux?

While Barthes’s soundbites make for handy — if hyperbolic — quotes, if you get the right weather and pace yourself well, climbing Mont Ventoux is not intrinsically any more difficult than riding any other 20km, high mountain ascent.