What is the function of MSH?

Melanocyte-stimulating hormone (alpha-melanotropin, MSH) may function in a number of diverse physiological roles. MSH stimulates (1) rapid translocation of melanosomes (melanin granules) in dermal melanophores to effect rapid colour change and (2) melanogenesis in normal and abnormal (melanoma) epidermal melanocytes.

What stimulates the release of melanocyte-stimulating hormone?

Melanocyte-stimulating hormone secretion from the pituitary is increased by exposure to UV light.

What is the target organ of MSH?

In most vertebrates, melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH) peptides are secreted specifically by the intermediate lobe of the pituitary gland and function primarily in skin darkening, with an array of other, minor activities.

Why does MSH increase in pregnancy?

IT has been suggested that the increased skin pigmentation of pregnancy is due to increased secretion of melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH) (refs 1–3), but this is not β-MSH, because the slight increase in immunoreactive β-MSH found in late pregnancy4 is much less than the changes associated with skin pigmentation.

How does Alpha MSH activate MITF gene transcription?

When α-MSH binds to MC1R on the surface of melanocytes, PKA is activated and induces MITF expression via CREB phosphorylation, leading to upregulation of melanogenic enzymes, including tyrosinase. In B16F10 melanoma cells, α-MSH can upregulate the Pax3 expression, which then stimulates MITF gene transcription.

Which is a function of melanocyte-stimulating hormone MSH quizlet?

Melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH) promotes the secretion of melanin and lipotropin. Regulating body temperature is the function of β-endorphins and the hypothalamus.

How do you activate melanocytes?

Studies suggest vitamin A is important to melanin production and is essential to having healthy skin. You get vitamin A from the food you eat, especially vegetables that contain beta carotene, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, and peas.

What is the function of calcitonin?

Calcitonin’s main job is to lower calcium levels in your blood (not your bones). It does this in two main ways: Calcitonin inhibits (blocks) the activity of osteoclasts, which are cells that break down bone. When osteoclasts break down your bone, the calcium from your bone is released into your bloodstream.

Is MSH a tropic hormone?

vertebrates produce essentially the same tropic hormones: thyrotropin (TSH), corticotropin (ACTH), melanotropin (MSH), prolactin (PRL), growth hormone (GH), and one or two gonadotropins (usually FSH-like and LH-like hormones).

What is the MITF gene?

The MITF gene provides instructions for making a protein called melanocyte inducing transcription factor. This protein plays a role in the development, survival, and function of certain types of cells.

What stimulates secretion of thyroid hormone from the thyroid gland?

The production and secretion of thyroxine and triiodothyronine by the thyroid gland are stimulated by the hypothalamic hormone thyrotropin-releasing hormone and the anterior pituitary hormone thyrotropin.