What is the general formula for the Alkanone series?

The general formula for the alkanes is CnH2n+2. A homologous series is a set of compounds with the same general formula, similar chemical properties and gradual changing physical properties. Alkanes, alkenes and cycloalkanes are each an example of a homologous series.

What is general formula of aldehyde?

dehydrogenatus=dehydrogenated], any of a class of organic compounds that contain the carbonyl group, >C=O , and in which the carbonyl group is bonded to at least one hydrogen; the general formula for an aldehyde is RCHO, where R is hydrogen or an alkyl or aryl group.

What is Alkanone in chemistry?

Alkanones are organic molecules containing only carbon (C), hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O) atoms. Alkanones belong to the group of organic compounds known as ketones. Ketones contain a C=O, carbonyl (1), functional group.

What is the most common method of preparation for aldehydes?

Following are some important methods of preparation of aldehydes.

  1. By Oxidation of Alcohol. After the oxidation of primary and secondary alcohols we can get both aldehydes and ketones.
  2. Dehydrogenation of Alcohols. This is widely used in industries.
  3. From Hydrocarbons.
  4. By Oxidation of Methylbenzene.

What is general formula of alcohol?

The general formula for the alcohols is C nH 2n+1OH (where n is the number of carbon atoms in the molecule).

Why is the general formula for an alkane is CnH2n 2?

The general formula means that the number of hydrogen atoms in an alkane is double the number of carbon atoms, plus two.

Why the general formula of alkyne is CnH2n 2?

Hydrocarbons having at least one triple bond between two carbon atoms are known as alkyne. General formula of alkyne is CnH2n−2. As in case of alkene, minimum two carbon atoms are required to form alkyne.

What is a general formula in organic chemistry?

A general formula is a type of empirical formula that represents the composition of any member of an entire class of compounds.

What is general formula of aldehyde and ketone?


What is general formula for carbonyl compound?

Carbonyl compounds

Compound Aldehyde Ketone
General formula RCHO RCOR’