What is the iron law of oligarchy quizlet?

Iron law of oligarchy. a principle of organizational life under which even a democratic organization will eventually develop into a bureaucracy ruled by a few individuals. master status. a status that dominates others and thereby determines a person’s general position in society.

What is the iron law of explanation?

Iron law of explanation → no circularity. • E.g. Reinforcement = that which strengthens responses. • Reinforcement must be defined objectively from something measurable or controlable, e.g. changes in behaviour.

What is an example of an oligarchy?

A few examples of modern oligarchies are Russia, China, Iran, and perhaps the United States.

What are the rules in oligarchy?

Broadly speaking, an oligarchy is a form of government characterized by the rule of a few persons or families. More specifically, the term was used by Greek philosopher Aristotle in contrast to aristocracy, which was another term to describe rule by a privileged few.

Which of the following best describes an example of the iron law of oligarchy?

What BEST describes the “iron law of oligarchy?” As a result of their efficiency, bureaucracies have few, if any, flaws.

What is the principle that Robert Michels calls the iron law of oligarchy?

What is the principle that Robert Michels calls “the iron law of oligarchy” for bureaucratic organizations? Any large organization inevitably becomes an oligarchy.

Which theory is called iron law of wages?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The iron law of wages is a proposed law of economics that asserts that real wages always tend, in the long run, toward the minimum wage necessary to sustain the life of the worker. The theory was first named by Ferdinand Lassalle in the mid-nineteenth century.

Who coined the phrase the iron law of oligarchy to describe the rule of many by the few?

Iron Law of Oligarchy Sociologist Robert Michels theorized that bureaucracies tend to be run by a small group of people at the top, who he believed acted primarily out of self-interest, and who carefully controlled outsiders’ access to power and resources. He called this the Iron Law of Oligarchy.

Who rules an oligarchy?

An oligarchy is a governmental system in which teh government is controlled by a small group of people, or oligarchs.

Is oligarchy ruled by a king?

In an oligarchy government, the power to make decisions is in the hands of two to three rich men, usually called oligarchs or kings. The word oligarchy comes from the Greek root words oligos (which means “few”) and arkhein (which means “rule”).