What is the longest discus throw ever?

74.08 m
Discus throw

Athletics Discus throw
German 2012 Olympic champion Robert Harting.
World records
Men Jürgen Schult ( GDR ) 74.08 m (243 ft 1⁄2 in) (1986)
Women Gabriele Reinsch ( GDR ) 76.80 m ( 251 ft 111⁄2 in) (1988)

What is the Olympic record for discus?

69.89 m
Discus throw at the Olympics

Discus throw at the Olympic Games
Years held Men: 1896 – 2020 Women: 1928 – 2020
Olympic record
Men 69.89 m Virgilijus Alekna (2004)
Women 72.30 m Martina Hellmann (1988)

Who is the best discus throw in the world?

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Rank Mark Competitor
1 74.08 Jürgen SCHULT
2 73.88 Virgilijus ALEKNA
3 73.38 Gerd KANTER
4 71.86 Yuriy DUMCHEV

What is the average high school discus throw?

120 feet is the entry point to high-level discus throwing. If you are serious about getting to the next level with your throws, these are essential weight room numbers to hit. Always remember however that these numbers are averages. Some throwers may not get close to these numbers and be able to throw over 120 feet.

How many throws in discus final at Olympics?

The thrower typically takes one-and-a-half spins before releasing the discus. Athletes will typically throw six times per competition.

Is discus hard track?

Mastering the discus throw is a difficult task, even for very experienced track and field athletes. Learning to throw in a stationary motion can be a good stepping stone to greatness, and implementing effective training drills can increase comfort with all the motions involved in throwing.