What is the malar surface?

The malar surface is convex and perforated near its center by a small aperture, the zygomaticofacial foramen, for the passage of the zygomaticofacial nerve and vessels; below this foramen is a slight elevation, which gives origin to the zygomaticus muscle.

What is the malar also called?

zygomatic bone, also called cheekbone, or malar bone, diamond-shaped bone below and lateral to the orbit, or eye socket, at the widest part of the cheek.

What are the 3 surfaces of the zygomatic bone?

The zygomatic bone has three surfaces: lateral, posteromedial and orbital. The lateral (facial) surface faces towards the outside. It is smooth and convex, and it features a small opening called the zygomaticofacial foramen.

What is a malar process?

The zygomatic process of the maxilla (malar process) is a rough triangular eminence, situated at the angle of separation of the anterior, zygomatic, and orbital surfaces. In front it forms part of the anterior surface. Behind it is concave, and forms part of the infratemporal fossa.

What is the malar tubercle?

Malar (Whitnall’s) tubercle: Attachment for the. lateral palpebral ligament on the orbital aspect. of the frontal process of the zygomatic bone, within the orbital opening and about 1 cm below. the frontozygomatic suture (Standring, 2008).

What is malar hypoplasia?

Malar hypoplasia is the underdevelopment of the cheekbones.

What is the malar region of the face?

Malar process (syn. frontal process): The most medial and superior part of the maxilla. It forms the medial border of the inferior bony orbit, and is contiguous with the lateral boundary of the nasal bridge.

What are the cheekbones?

Your cheekbones are the structure of your face underneath your skin, particularly the malar bones. If your malar bones are located in close proximity to your eyes, you’re considered to have high cheekbones. Lower cheekbones refer to malar bones that rest closer to the bottom of your nose.

Where is the malar tubercle?

… malar tubercle (MT) (Fig. 6) is a caudally protruding tubercle located on the inferior margin of the maxilla and zygo- matic bone in the region of the ZS.

Where is the malar eminence?

The malar eminence is defined as the most prominent portion of the zygomaticomaxillary complex. It dominates the lateral midface, defines cheek projection and contour, and has an important role to play in ocular globe position and in mastication.