What is the meaning of Moku?

moku — Pukui-Elbert, Haw to Eng , 1. vs., To be cut, severed, amputated, broken in two, as a rope; broken loose, as a stream after heavy rains, or as a bound person; to punctuate. Examples: Moku ka pawa, dawn has broken.

What does Moku mean in Samoan?

an island, district, forest, section.

What are the Moku of Oahu?

On the island of O’ahu, there are six districts; Honolulu or Kona, Ko’olau Loa, Ko’olau Poko, Wahiawa, Wai’anae, and ‘Ewa. This is the second level of land division.

How many Moku are in Hawaii?

six moku
Hawaiʻi Island Hawaiʻi has six moku (districts) and over 600 ahupuaʻa (see map 2124 to right).

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When were Moku created?

In the late-1400s, through warfare and alliances with other chiefs, ʻUmi gained control of the entire Island of Hawaiʻi. ʻUmi made himself the aliʻi nui, or high chief, for the whole island. ʻUmi divided his island into separate moku, or districts.

What are the Moku of Maui?

The Moku ʻO Wailuku Ahupuaʻa Sign project is a cultural grants program funded by the County of Maui Office of Economic Development. It aims to bring awareness of Maui Nui’s ancient land division system. On the island of Maui, there are a total of 12 traditional land divisions or moku.

What Moku is Kaneohe in?

Moku Manu, or Bird Island in the Hawaiian language, is an offshore islet of Oahu, three-quarters of a mile off Mokapu Peninsula….Moku Manu.

Etymology “Bird Island” in Hawaiian
Location Pacific Ocean
Highest elevation 202 ft (61.6 m)

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How many Moku are in Oahu?

6 Moku districts
So we, the AVA Konohiki, follow in their footsteps with the 6 Moku districts listed, beginning with Koʻolaupoko and going in a clockwise direction back to Kualoa, the starting point. These are: Koʻolaupoko, Kona, ʻEwa, Waiʻanae, Waialua, and Koʻolauloa.

How many Ahupua A in Hawaii?

Overall there are 109 ahupua’a split into lele, found mainly in Lāhainā on Maui, in central Moloka’i, and in a few cases on O’ahu.