What is the movie in harmony about?

An injured equestrian stuntman (Albert Dupontel) develops a bond with his insurance agent (Cécile De France).In Harmony / Film synopsis

Is in harmony a true story?

In Harmony is an amazing true story of hope and strength against the odds, based on equestrian trainer Bernard Sachse’s memoir, On My Four Legs. Albert Dupontel plays Marc, a stunt rider crippled from an accident while filming.

Is Harmony movie based on a book?

Written and directed by Corey Pearson, the film is the first of a planned five-part saga, entitled The Five Frequencies, which follow five orphans as they learn to develop their own unique powers in order to save humanity….Harmony (2018 film)

Language English

Is there a sequel to otherworld film?

We’ve got the cover for Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller’s highly anticipated Otherworld sequel, OtherEarth. We can’t wait to jump back into Simon and Kat’s world of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and corporate conspiracies.

What is the meaning of living in harmony?

1. uncountable noun. If people are living in harmony with each other, they are living together peacefully rather than fighting or arguing. We must try to live in peace and harmony with ourselves and those around us.

Is in harmony with?

In agreement with someone or something; matching someone or something. Those two always seem to be in harmony about everything—I guess that’s why they’re best friends.

Is Yuri a Harmony?

Tuan Kirie is the protagonist of the yuri anime movie Harmony.

Is Metacritic biased?

Metacritic received mixed reviews from website critics, commentators, and columnists alike. Its efficacy has been analyzed, with conclusions finding it to be generally useful or unreliable and biased.

Who is singing in Christmas harmony?

Michelle Williams
There’s nothing better than a Hallmark Christmas movie that’s full of love and music. The 2021 Countdown to Christmas celebration continues with Christmas in Harmony starring Ashleigh Murray and Luke James. James and co-star Michelle Williams will perform their music in the movie.

Who is in the movie Christmas harmony?

Watch a preview for “Christmas in Harmony” starring… Ashleigh Murray, Luke James, Basil Wallace, Michelle Williams, and Loretta Devine.