What is the rand value of eBucks?

For example eBucks, which is pegged to the rand, has a clear value that is transparent to members in that eB10 is worth R1. Another factor to consider is whether or not the rewards currency expires.

How do I calculate my eBucks?

You can access your eBucks account balance by doing one of the following:

  1. Online: Login to the eBucks website.
  2. Call us on 087 320 3200.
  3. SMS the word ‘balance’ and your ID number to 32224. Each SMS costs R1.
  4. FNB’s electronic channels: Register for and log onto FNB Online Banking or FNB Cellphone Banking.

How do I convert my eBucks to cash?

When you shop at the eBucks Shop or make a booking through eBucks Travel. Select the amount of eBucks or Rands you want to pay and we’ll automatically adjust the remaining amount of eBucks or the amount of money to subtract from your bank account.

How do you convert eBucks to rands?

Just adjust the amount payable in eBucks and we’ll automatically change the Rand total for you. Then enter your FNB or RMB Private Bank Cheque or Credit Card details at checkout. As easy as that!

How do I redeem my eBucks points?

Spend your eBucks by doing the following:

  1. Swipe your eBucks card and enter your 4-digit PIN when you buy from our in-store partners or fill up with fuel at Engen.
  2. Your eBucks card works like a debit card. The amount will automatically be deducted from your eBucks account — it’s that easy.

Can you transfer eBucks to FNB account?

You can send Your eBucks by logging on to Our Website or FNB online banking and selecting the option to send Your eBucks.

How do I redeem my FNB eBucks?

Can you withdraw eBucks?

Cash withdrawals, Send Money and Pre-paid purchases Airtime and data purchases via the FNB App, Online and FNB.mobi will be free for all individual customers.

Can I spend my eBucks at Makro?

“eBucks Rewards and Makro have taken a mutual decision to end their partnership as of 31st October 2020,” FNB said. “From the 1st November 2020, you will not be able to earn or spend eBucks at Makro.” eBucks CEO Johan Moolman added that if clients buy items from Makro in October, they will still be able to earn eBucks.

How do I increase my eBucks rewards?

How to move up reward levels. Maximise your eBucks earn by reaching and maintaining reward level 5. Remember, the more reward level points you collect in a month, the higher your reward level. And the higher your reward level, the more eBucks you will earn every month.

Can I withdraw money from my eBucks card?

Can you withdraw cash from eBucks?

If you do need to withdraw cash, use the Cash@Till service at Shoprite Checkers and selected other supermarkets, instead of an ATM. Use FNB’s electronic banking channels to do all your payments, transfers and FNB Savings and Investment Account maintenance.