What is the size of a 3D wall panels?

Standard panel sizes are 2400 x 1200mm, 2700mm x 1200mm and 3600 x 1200mm (interior material only).

Are 3D wall panels waterproof?

For the best result, you should choose the 3D wall panels made of engineering plastic because they manufactured in a way that creates a 100% waterproof surface. The installation process is much simpler compared to tiling.

What are 3D wall panels made of?

The 3D wall panels are made from high performance and durable polystyrene material with a minimum thickness of 100mm. It proffers low absorption levels and excellent prevention against moisture and condensation on the walls making it suitable for both interior and exterior usage.

How many pieces of 3D wall panel makes a square meter?

3D panel is sold per square metre. 4 pieces makes a square metre.

How many 3D panel is in a carton?

3D Wall Panel (Cocktail) 1 carton covers 32 sq/ft (Sale)

Are 3D wall panels good?

Paneling walls have been enjoying a special place in the decoration regimen for a long time, and the 3D wall panels have been in great demand due to their excellent ability to add to the decor of any place. This is a very handy option for the beautification of the interior as well as exterior walls.

Are 3D wall panels expensive?

Leather 3D panels: Made from leather, these panels are expensive. These deliver unmatched performance for transforming your office interior to a place of royal elegance. You can use these for decorating living rooms, bedrooms for creating a luxurious ambiance provided those be free from moisture ingress.

How much is 3D panel per square meter in Nigeria?

3D wall panels.. #4500 per square metre. price in Lagos Mainland Nigeria – OList.

Why choose 3d wall panels?

3D Wall Panels can turn ordinary interiors into spectacular and dramatic spaces, instantly. No need to buy expensive artworks and furniture when the dramatic, sculpted wall panels are the main feature.

Who is newdecor 3d wall art?

Newdecor 3D Wall Arts & 3Dpanels Newdecor Pty Ltd is an Australia’s innovative 3D wall arts, sculptural wall and ceiling panels manufacturing and distributing company since 2009.

Why choose eaussie 3d wall panels?

The eAussie 3D wall panels are easy to install and very light weight, making them suitable to be fixed on your existing walls. The 3D panels when put together form beautiful and modern looking pattern. To suit the interior of your house, office or workspace they can be painted in any colour of your choice.

What is 3D wall tiles?

The wall tiles also known as wall cladding are textured tiles. 3d wall tiles when put together form patterns giving a 3d effect. The pattern is formed the mosaic of the wall tiles.