What is the smallest DAF truck?

Introducing the DAF LF The DAF LF is the company’s smallest truck, ideally suited to (and indeed specifically designed for) light freight, multi-drop and inner-city distribution.

How good are DAF Trucks?

In our experience, DAF trucks are extremely reliable. The DAF trucks we break have, on average, covered over 600,000 kilometres and can still run, although because of their age, are no longer favoured due to efficiency and safety improvements in recent years.

Which country manufactures DAF Trucks?

DAF Trucks is a Dutch truck manufacturing company and a division of Paccar. Its headquarters and main plant are in Eindhoven. Cabs and axle assemblies are produced at its Westerlo plant in Belgium.

What is the most powerful DAF truck?

# 10: DAF XF 530 The four-axled XF 530 opens up our top 10 of the strongest trucks on the market. With a pull weight of 80 tons, a MX-13 engine with 12-speed TraXon transmission and a torque of 2600 Nm at 1000 to 1425 rpm, the XF is the top model of the Dutch truck company.

What is the difference between DAF CF and LF?

The LF sits in the demanding distribution segment from 7.5 to 19 tonnes and the CF with from 18 tonnes to combination weights of 44 tonnes and more. When developing the new LF and CF, DAF was clearly inspired by the qualities of the Euro 6 XF. This is illustrated by the attractive exterior design.

What engine is in a DAF 45?

Cummins B Series engines
The LF45 and LF55 are powered by Cummins B Series engines. The distribution truck and pickup versions of the LF45 use the 4 cylinder, LF45s with powered equipment such as bin lorries and vacuum tankers use the 6 cylinder, and all LF55s use the 6 cylinder due to their increased size and weight.

What engines do DAF Trucks use?

The DAF XF is powered by multi-torque PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines with new power ratings, including an extra powerful 390 kW/530 hp variant. Many innovations result in even more torque at lower rpm for highest fuel efficiency.

Who is the owner of DAF Trucks?

DAF is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PACCAR Inc, the global technology leader in the design and manufacturing of premium quality light, medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

Where are DAF Trucks?

DAF products are manufactured in Eindhoven (the Netherlands), Westerlo (Belgium), Leyland (UK), Ponta Grossa (Brasil), Bayswater (Australia) and Taichung (Taiwan). Production of engines, cabs, axles and chassis as well as final vehicle assembly are integrated in the various facilities.

What is the strongest semi truck?

Volvo FH16
Unique performance and fuel economy The Volvo FH16 with 700 horsepower is the world’s most powerful truck. It is built for the most demanding haulage assignments. Despite its 700 horsepower, there is no increase in either its emissions or fuel consumption.

What is the most powerful 18 wheeler?

1 Volvo FH16 When it was launched in 2010, the Volvo FH16 immediately became the most powerful series-manufactured semi-truck in the world. That record was broken thanks to a massive 16-liter power unit that produced 700hp of pure grunt.

How heavy is a DAF truck?

Due to the versatility of this truck class, different wheelbases, payloads and engine variants are available to the customer for the LF 45 (6 to 12 tonnes gross vehicle weight) and LF 55 (13 to 18 tonnes total weight) model series. The current DAF LF trucks can be equipped with a wheelbase of up to 6.90 meters.