What is the string length on a 7 8 cello?


CELLO mm. 1/2 7/8
at bridge 41,2 45
soundpost thickness 8 10
string length 602 672

What size cello is best for me?

A Sizing Guide for Cello

Cello Size Cello Length Height
1/4 20 to 23 inches 3.5 to 4 feet
1/2 23 to 26 inches 4 to 4.5 feet
3/4 26 to 27.25 inches 4.5 to five feet
4/4 (full size) 30 inches and above 5 feet or taller

What is the normal cello size?

There are two cello sizes for adults: the full-size cello, or 4/4 size, which has a back length of 30 inches and above, and the ⅞ size cello, with a back that measures from 27 to 30 inches.

What size cello is best for beginners?

Typically, students ages 4 and under will need a 1/10 size cello, ages 4 to 6 will need a 1/8 size cello, ages 6 to 8 will need a 1/4 size cello, ages 8 to 11 will need a 1/2 size cello, ages 11 to 14 will need a 3/4 size cello, and ages 14 and up will need a full size cello.

Do adults play 3 4 cellos?

Cellists have options if they require a smaller instrument. While 3/4 size cellos are too small and often don’t produce the tone desired by an adult player, there are many cellos made in 7/8 size, many of which can often sound as rich and full as a full size (4/4) cello if properly made and set up.

What is a 7 8 size cello?

The 7/8 size for violins and cellos is a somewhat rare and odd creature. The body of a 7/8 size violin is about 13 3/4″ (348mm) and the overall length is about 22 1/2″ (575mm). So, if your arm length is about 23″ (585 mm) to a bit under 24″ (610mm) , the 7/8 size violin could be the right match for you.

Who should use a 7 8 cello?

Most adults with smaller hands will require a 7/8 cello, or sometimes a ¾.

Can an adult play 1 2 size cello?

I think it’s fairly common for shorter/smaller people to play on less than a full sized cello. There should be no shame in that. It’s all about being relaxed and comfortable so you can enjoy playing and get the best sound. You’re absolutely right.

How much is a 3/4 size cello?

Compare with similar items

This item Yamaha Standard Model AVC5 cello outfit 3/4 Size
Price $2,800.00
Sold By GearNuts
Back Material Type Maple, Spruce Wood
Brand Name Yamaha

Are cheap cellos worth it?

Cheap cellos are great option if you are low on budget, they will not only give you a satisfactory value for your money, but also meet all your expectations. Before choosing any of the musical instrument above, be sure of your preference and go for the one that has all your desired features.

How much smaller is a 7 8 cello?

The string length on a 7/8 size is slightly smaller, so your stretches between notes will be slightly smaller as well. As we age, our muscles and tendons tighten up.

Can a person with small hands play the cello?

There is however some variation in “adult” cello sizes, and small-handed cellists will almost certainly find it much easier to play on a cello with a relatively short string length. This normally means a cello with a shorter body length – a so-called “Ladies Cello” or 7/8th size.