What is the summary of A Study in Scarlet?

The story flashes back to the Salt Lake Valley in Utah in 1847, where John Ferrier and a little girl named Lucy, the only survivors of a small party of pioneers, are rescued from death by a large party of Latter-day Saints led by Brigham Young, but only on the condition that they adopt and live under the Mormon faith.

How did A Study in Scarlet end?

The novel ends with Holmes and Watson reading a newspaper article about the end of the investigation; it only mentions Holmes as an amateur detective who helped but gave primary credit to Lestrade and Gregson.

Who is the protagonist of A Study in Scarlet?

Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes The novel’s main protagonist. Sherlock Holmes is a consulting detective who uses the science of deductive reasoning to solve criminal cases. He is excitable, intense, arrogant, and immensely intelligent, but almost nothing is known about his personal life.

Who are the characters in A Study in Scarlet?

Character List

  • Sherlock Holmes. The novel’s main protagonist.
  • Dr. John Watson.
  • Jefferson Hope. An American hunter and outdoorsman, the love interest of Lucy Ferrier, and a friend of John Ferrier.
  • Tobias Gregson. A detective at Scotland Yard.
  • Mr. Lestrade.
  • John Ferrier.
  • Lucy Ferrier.
  • Enoch Drebber.

How does Holmes capture Jefferson Hope In A Study in Scarlet?

He got know that he had applied for protection against an old rival in love- Jefferson Hope. Sherlock Holmes then deduced in his mind that if a man wanted to follow a man in London, what better way could be have than becoming a cab driver. Therefore, he concluded Jefferson Hope was a cab driver.

What is the conflict in A Study in Scarlet?

Internal Conflict Sherlock Holmes is struggling with the notion that he is not going to get any credit for his detective work. Then, when he believed he had solved the case, the other detectives didn’t believe him because he didn’t have enough evidence.