What is the threshold on a shower base?

What is a shower threshold? A shower or shower-pan threshold is the front edge of the shower that you typically step over to enter the shower.

What is a double entry shower base?

Double-threshold bases accommodate corner showers that require glass, fiberglass or plastic inserts or doors on two perpendicular or angled sides of the shower.

What does alcove shower mean?

The alcove shower is the most common shower type and designed to maximize space. It has 3 shower walls and a single threshold. You find them in a square or rectangular shape. We offer a wide array of sizes but can also do a custom shower should you need it as well.

What does low threshold shower mean?

What is a low threshold shower? A low threshold shower will only have a small area to step over in comparison to tubs where they are larger. This will allow for people who have mobility issues to have easier access in and out of the shower.

How thick should shower threshold be?

The most common, and recommended, thicknesses for stone are 2cm and 3cm – which roughly equal to 3/4″ and 1-1/4″ respectively. Obviously, the thicker stone will provide enhanced durability but will add a bulky aesthetic if it is applied throughout the entire bathroom.

What is a double shower?

Unlike a shower with conventional, hand-held, and rainwater showerheads attached to the same water source, a double shower features two showerheads within close reach that are controlled separately so each person can adjust the water temperature and length of their shower to suit their own needs.

What is alcove shower?

Can you use cement board in a shower?

Cement boards can be used in a shower because they can be exposed to water and moisture without warping, rotting, and deteriorating. It also does not promote the growth of molds and mildew. Cement boards are also a good substrate to use for tiles, which are commonly installed in showers as well.