What is the Trench in DC?

the Marianas Trench
What was The Trench? The Trench was a planned horror movie set in the DC cinematic universe, the first movie of its kind from Warner Bros. and DC Films. The film would feature the “Trench,” a name that refers to both the evil creatures and their dark kingdom in the Marianas Trench.

Who is the king of the Trench?

The Trench King is the male leader of the monstrous creatures known as the Trench….

Trench King
Created by: Geoff Johns Ivan Reis
Affiliations: The Trench

What happened to the Trench?

The kingdom separated into 7 kingdoms, and survivors who did not join the 6 formed the Kingdom of the Trench, the Trench continued to dwell in the darkness and survive as evident by the statue of a Trench King in the Council of Kings, eventually the Trench ceased to coexist with the other Atlanteans due to its …

Can Aquaman control the Trench?

They are largely savage animals that attack anything that comes near them. However, Aquaman, as the true heir of the throne as the wielder of the Trident of Atlan, is able to control them, a feat previously thought impossible.

Who rules the Trench?

The Trench appear in film set in the DC Animated Movie Universe, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis. A variation of the Trench appear in the animated film Justice Society: World War II. This version of the species are from Earth-2 and are controlled by Aquaman and the Advisor to help the Nazis destroy New York.

Was Atlanteans a trench?

The real story of the Trench begins a long, long time ago back at the dawn of Atlantean civilization. It turns out the Trench used to be normal, human-looking Atlantean citizens, back before the city sank beneath the sea.

How does Aquaman command the Trench?

Aquaman rips off the roof of the cave containing the cocooned townspeople and heads to the surface. The Trench, their King and Queen follow them as Arthur triggers a volcanic reaction with his trident. The Trench begins to collapse as Arthur seals it with another large rock.

How did Aquaman command the Trench?

Aquaman uses the Dead King’s Trident to command the Trench and help him fight the Xebel and the Dead King, banking on the fact that while the relic itself doesn’t directly move them into action but acts as an instinctive imprint relating to subconscious subservience to the first monarch of said kingdom.

What does the Kraken say to Aquaman?

I have guarded the Trident against false kings since the beginning and for a thousand years. I have seen the greatest champions try and failed, but never have I sensed one as unworthy as you. You dare to come here with your tainted mongrel blood to claim Atlantis’s greatest treasure? Karathen : So be it.

Is the Kraken in Aquaman?

Opting out of an appearance in the Disney follow-up, unlike her 1964 co-stars Dick Van Dyke and Karen Dotrice, Andrews instead makes a return to theaters as the voice of a Kraken sea creature in the James Wan-directed comic book epic.

How did Atlanna survive the Trench?

Before she was sentenced, she asked for Vulko’s promise that he would protect Arthur. However, she survived by going through the maelstrom in the Kingdom of the Trench that is a one-way portal leading to the Hidden Sea.