What is the trigger pull on a SIG P320?

I really like the trigger pull of the SIG Sauer P320 when compared to other striker-fired guns, but it’s not because of the weight, which SIG advertises as between 5.5 and 7.5 pounds. The pull on my sample measured 7.75 pounds, which is far too heavy for my taste.

Is the apex trigger worth it?

Conclusion. The Apex Tactical Hellcat trigger is an excellent addition to the Springfield Hellcat 9mm. It’s affordable and definitely worth the money – I’m glad I’ve got one on my gun, that’s for sure!

What does the apex trigger bar do?

Designed for use in the factory upgraded models of the Sig Sauer P320, the Apex patented Forward Set Trigger Bar significantly reduces trigger travel. It works with the factory trigger but can also be paired with the Apex triggers for the P320.

What is the trigger pull weight on a SIG P320?

about 7.5 lbs.
The standard P320 trigger is one of the cleaner, crisper, and better feeling triggers available on any striker fired pistol. However, it is heavier than optimal in pull weight for competition use – about 7.5 lbs.

What are flat triggers for?

A flat trigger allows the shooter to move their finger down to change the lever arm. On the other hand, a curved trigger creates a small space between the trigger guard and the finger.

Is Apex trigger worth it Hellcat?

The Hellcat trumps most micro-compact 9mms in capacity, even with the flush-fitting magazine. The Apex trigger is incredibly smooth, light and consistent. It is designed for safe carry. It maintains factory safety values for on- and off-duty equipment.

What is a Hellcat trigger?

The Action Enhancement Trigger for the Hellcat pistols is the easiest, quickest upgrade you can do to the trigger system that significantly improves the feel of the trigger pull, without reducing factory safety values.

Is the P320 ambidextrous?

The P320 was designed to be ambidextrous in handling, sporting a catch lever on both sides of the slide and user-reversible magazine release, and all other operating controls are designed so they can be operated from either side.

Are there still problems with the Sig P320?

The P320 handgun has a habit of firing without its trigger being pulled, an occurrence that has been reported again and again. Stunningly, in spite of both empirical testing and many incidents, Sig Sauer has refused to issue a recall or even acknowledge that the P320 is dangerous to its hundreds of thousands of users.

Does the P320 have a trigger safety?

All of these mechanisms protect the firearm from going off when dropped. The Sigs, as far as I’ve seen do not have any of these mechanisms. The P320 would fire when dropped simply because the trigger would get pushed by inertia and cause a discharge. After the drop failures, Sig installed a lighter trigger.