What is the value of a 1960 Corvette?

For a used or restored 1960 Corvette, the prices from ClassicCars.com range from $75,000 to $165,000 depending on the condition of the car. According to the J.D. Power and NADA Guide values, the average 1960 Corvette base prices are: Original MSRP: $3,672. Current low retail value: $39,600.

What are vintage hubcaps made of?

What’s It Made Of? The most obvious signifier of a hubcap’s age is the material it’s made of. Heavy, chromed cast iron generally signifies a hubcap dating to the 1940s or earlier. Stamped-steel hubcaps became popular in the 1950s on American cars, and this trend continued for the next two decades.

Are wheel covers worth it?

“If you spend most of your time parked somewhere, wheel covers will give you a great deal of protection against UV damage. On the other hand, if you spend most of your time on the road then the few days here and there you can actually use the wheel covers isn’t going to offer much protection in the long run.”

How much horsepower does a 1960 Corvette have?

270 horsepower
Not much changed in terms of design from the 1959 to 1960 Corvette. Aluminum radiators were installed on 270 horsepower and 290 horsepower Corvettes, and new rear sway bars improved handling. The weight of the car was reduced by 18 pounds with the addition of new aluminum clutch housing.

How much does a 1960 Corvette weigh?

1960 Corvette Specs

Body Specs
Wheelbase 102.00 inches
Shipping – Powerglide (Automatic) Transmission 2,945 lb.
Curb – Powerglide (Automatic) Transmission Shipping + fuel (107 lb.), water (38 lb.) 3,090 lb.

What is the difference between a 1959 and a 1960 Corvette?

The 1959 models lack these two identifiers. There’s another difference between the two years we could mention: In ’59 the seat pleats are longitudinal and vertical, while in 1960 they are horizontal/lateral. If the seat upholstery is correct, of course.

How do you measure vintage hubcaps?

If your wheels look like the picture, follow the instructions that go with the yellow arrow: measure the distance from the center of the pilot hole in your wheel to the outer edge of one of the nubs and multiply by 2. That’s your nub diameter, and that’s your hubcap fit.

What does a hub cap do?

Hubcaps are designed to snuggly fit the hub area of your car’s wheels. They’re easily snapped into place for a secure fit. When driving, your tires encounter all sorts of dirt and debris. By having hubcaps, you have peace of mind that dirt, rocks, and other debris don’t damage your wheels.

How do you clean old hubcaps?

Simply mix one-half cup baking soda, one tablespoon dish soap, and two cups warm water in a small bowl. Use a soft sponge or towel to wash and gently scrub the tires and hubcaps. Spray with water and your car is ready for road tripping.

Barn find cars come in all shapes, sizes, and conditions, and this 1960 Chevrolet Corvette needs work but isn’t all bad. The car is for sale with a current bid price of $11,100 with no reserve.

What color is a 1960 corvettes interior?

1960 Corvette , Roman Red , Black Interior , Black Soft Top , White Coves , All correct matching num 1960 Corvette Chassis Restored to super show condition ….. all correct for judging . www.vi 1960 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster To the credit of all involved, the 1959-60 Corvette was “cleaned up 1960 Chevy Corvette classic.

What kind of engine does a 1960 Corvette have?

1960 Corvette Gasser!!! 383 ci, stroker motor, tunnel ram w/ 2 Holley 500 carbs, custom headers/exha 1960 Corvette, V8 283 automatic 2 tops, Like new.

How many miles does a 1960 Corvette resto-mod have?

This 1960 Chevrolet Corvette Resto-Mod has had 1,200 miles since completion of the multi-year build. Please visit our website to view a full HD photoset of this vehiclewww.classicsbeyond.com Want to st 1960 Chevrolet Corvette C1, complete restoration, GM crate 350 engine, Borg Warner T10 close ratio 4 “SOLD” “SOLD” “SOLD”