What is Tier 3 and Tier 4 in SSC?

Tier 1 and 2 are objective papers and Tier 3 is a descriptive paper. On the other hand, Tier 4 is a computer proficiency/ data entry skill test (wherever applicable). The DEST and CPT as it is known in Tier 4 will be only for candidates who have applied to the selected posts.

Is SSC GGL same as SSC CGL?

The SSC CGL exam is the Combined Graduate Level exam….Comparison Between SSC CGL & SSC CHSL.

SSC CGL Salary SSC CHSL Salary
The initial basic pay for different posts varies from Rs.24,446 to Rs. 61,424 The initial basic pay for different posts varies from Rs. 5200 to Rs,20,200

Is SSC CGL Tier 3 hard?

In the SSC CGL Tier III 2017 examination held on 8th July 2018 at 11 am two questions were asked from the Letter & Essay writing sections. 60 minutes were given to the candidates to solve the entire paper. As per our analysis of the question paper, the difficulty level of the examination was moderate.

Which is tough SSC CHSL or CGL?

Many times, there are common questions seen in both the exams. However, there can be tougher questions asked in SSC CGL tier-II exam. Therefore, considering the tier-II exam of SSC CGL, it can be said that the exam is slightly tougher than the SSC CHSL exam.

Which is easy SSC CHSL or CGL?

According to certain industry professionals and students, the difficulty level of SSC CGL and CHSL Tier-I is roughly the same. There are often similar questions that appear in both tests. However, tougher questions may be asked in the SSC CGL tier-II exam.

Is Tier 3 compulsory in SSC CHSL?

Ans. SSC CHSL Tier-3 is for candidates who are applying for the post of Data Entry Operator (DEO). This Typing Test and Skill Test is of qualifying nature. So, you need to clear Tier-3 in order to feature in the Final Merit List.

What is SSC GD full form?

The full form of SSC GD is Staff Selection Commission General Duty.

What are the categories for MCC codes?

Merchant Category Codes | General Merchant Category Codes MCC Description Valid Payment Brand(s) 5947 Card, Gift, Novelty and Souvenir Shops V, M 5948 Leather Goods and Luggage Stores V, M 5949 Fabric, Needlework, Piece Goods and Sewing

What are the types of physical disabilities in SSC CGL?

To give employment opportunities to the larger populace, Staff Selection Commission has relaxed many types of physical disabilities including handicapped, eye vision hearing impairment in SSC CGL 2020 Exam. Candidates who belong to following PwD Categories can apply for CGL 2020 Examination:

What is the reservation criteria for physically disabled candidates in SSC?

As per this policy, SSC provides a complete list of posts and reservation criteria for Physically disabled candidates. Definition – Candidates with 40% and more physical disability, would be considered as PwD Candidates. This type of candidates can get the reservation under PwD Category.

What are the four levels of source descriptions for SCCS?

The four levels of source descriptions for SCCs are associated with the first 1, 3, 6, and 8 digits of the codes, (for the point source codes used by AFS – the AMS codes require 3, 5, 8, and 11 digits, including a leading “A”). The first level uses only the first digit and provides only the most general information on the category of the emissions.