What is TMEA Region?

TMEA is divided into 33 Regions to carry out TMEA objectives at the local level, to guarantee representation on the State Board of Directors, and to provide opportunity for individual participation in TMEA activities. Regions hold meetings in the fall, during the annual TMEA Clinic/Convention, and in the spring.

How many regions are in Texas TMEA?

33 Regions
TMEA is divided into 33 Regions around the state.

What is All-Region Orchestra?

What is All-Region? All-Region Orchestra refers to our Region 24 that Frisco ISD music programs are a part of with McKinney and Prosper ISD. All-Region is an opportunity for students to audition, and if selected, perform in an elite ensemble with the top students from Frisco, McKinney, and Prosper.

How does TMEA All-Region work?

TMEA All-State Beginning each fall, over 70,000 high school students across the state audition in their TMEA Region. Individuals perform selected music for a panel of judges who rank each instrument or voice part. A select group of musicians advances to compete against musicians from other Regions in their TMEA Area.

Where is Tmea all-state?

San Antonio
TMEA All-State Concerts are Saturday, February 12, 2022, in the Henry B. González Convention Center in San Antonio (900 E. Market Street).

What is TMEA convention?

TMEA Clinic/Convention Purpose Held annually, the TMEA Clinic/Convention provides unparalleled opportunities for professional development for current and future music educators at every level and discipline.

How many people make all-state Tmea?

All-State is the highest honor a Texas music student can receive. 1,830 students are selected through a process that begins with over 70,000 students from around the state vying for this honor to perform in one of 18 ensembles sponsored by the Band, Orchestra, and Vocal Divisions.

What are the regions in Texas?

Texas is in the South Central United States of America, and is considered to form part of the U.S. South and also part of the U.S. Southwest….Geography of Texas.

Region South Central United States
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How do TMEA auditions work?

The TMEA audition process is designed to develop skills, create meaningful musical experiences, and provide recognition for Texas student musicians. To qualify for a TMEA ensemble, students must hone the skills of goal setting, self-evaluation, determination, and musical sensitivity.

How many people make all-state TMEA?

How many people make all state TMEA?