What is tru view glass?

99% UV Protection, Abrasion Resistance, Anti-Reflective, Anti-Static, Shatter Resistance & Safety. UltraVue® Laminated Glass. Click to view more details. This product has the attribute of 99% UV Protection. This product has the attribute of Abrasion Resistance.

How do you clean Tru Vue glass?


  1. Place the glass on a clean, non-abrasive surface for cleaning.
  2. Use a clean, soft, lint-free cloth to clean the glass. Tru Vue recommends using a micro-fiber cloth.
  3. Spray a small amount of ammonia-free cleaner onto the cloth.
  4. Press the cloth against the glass and clean in round, circular motions.

Is Museum glass non reflective?

Museum glass is a clarity, reflection control glass (often referred to as non-reflection glass or art glass). Where normal sheet glass is just that, normal glass, Museum Glass controls reflection from surrounding light sources, as well as being super clear so you can see more detail on your piece.

Which side of museum glass faces out?

The side with UV coating should be placed on the inside near your art, so that it is not exposed to scratching. The side that faces out is smooth and won’t scratch as easily. When handling Museum glass, wear clean cotton gloves, nitrile gloves, or vinyl-coated gloves.

Does museum glass prevent fading?

Which Glass Has the Best UV Protection? Conservation or museum-quality glazing has a special coating that eliminates 99% of the UV light that can cause fading. This premium glazing is also optically very clear and will keep framed pieces looking brighter for many years.

Is museum glass tempered?

Safety Benefits. AR glass has a hard coating that withstands tempering to enhance safety and security.

How effective is museum glass?

Conservation Glass filters out 99% of the harmful UV rays that cause light damage and looks like regular glass: clear and shiny. Museum Glass also filters out 99% of UV light, but has the added feature of being clear and virtually non-reflective because of a special coating.

How do I know if my glasses have UV protection?

Viewing artwork from an angle can reflect a tint that will let you know. Art glass reflects a slightly blue/green tint, Optium reflects a slightly green/purple tint, and standard UV plexi reflects yellow.

Does indirect sunlight cause fading?

While indirect sunlight won’t fade a print as quickly, it will start to fade without the protection of UV glass or coating. Methods for avoiding indirect light may be impractical or slightly more expensive, but it’s still easier and cheaper than protecting photographs from direct sunlight.

How good is museum glass?

Museum glass not only looks practically invisible, it also filters out 99% of UV light and is as such conservation grade, hence the name Museum. This brings us to its rebel cousin, Art Glass, my personal favourite.