What is Urop at Umich?

The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) offers the opportunity for first and second year students to have an undergraduate research opportunity. Approximately 1100 students and over 700 faculty researchers from across the University of Michigan community are engaged in UROP research partnerships.

What is the Urop symposium?

The event celebrates the partnerships created between students and research mentors, and serves as a conference where students present their research project and learn about the research their fellow UROP students have worked on throughout the program.

How many credits is Urop Umich?

2-4 academic credits
UROP Compensation Students can earn 2-4 academic credits per term. Work-study students who have applied and accepted their Financial Aid work-study package will receive 1 academic credit per term and hourly compensation.

What is Urop FSU?

Florida State University provides high-achieving students an engaging community with the flexibility and funding opportunities to explore their full range of interests.

What is unique about UMich LSA?

LSA is part of a large, top-ranked research university with distinguished faculty, amazing facilities and resources, Football Saturdays at the Big House, and an engaged alumni network.

What is a symposium discussion?

noun, plural sym·po·si·ums, sym·po·si·a [sim-poh-zee-uh]. a meeting or conference for the discussion of some subject, especially a meeting at which several speakers talk on or discuss a topic before an audience. a collection of opinions expressed or articles contributed by several persons on a given subject or topic.

Why is University of Michigan?

Excellence comes to mind—UMich consistently ranks in the top 30 national universities, and the Michigan Wolverines are one of the most heralded athletic programs in the country. Even Michigan’s location is superlative, commonly ranking among the best college towns in the nation.

Is it hard to get into Urop?

For one reason or another, many students (especially freshmen) believe that getting a UROP is a lot more difficult than it actually is. It’s actually pretty painless and can be accomplished in just a few hours spread over the course of a week or so.

What is the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society?

The Garnet & Gold Scholar Society facilitates involvement and recognizes the engaged, well-rounded undergraduate student who excels within and beyond the classroom in the areas of International, Internship, Leadership, Research and Service.

What makes Umich so good?

The defining attribute of the University of Michigan is its excellence as a public institution. U.S. News ranks it third on its list of best public universities, placing it ahead of notable schools such as the University of Virginia, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and the University of Texas Austin.

Is Umich LSA a good school?

Our programs are among the best in the U.S. 45 LSA programs are among the top 10, and two programs are the best in their fields. As the primary undergraduate college, LSA is the reason U.S. News & World Report ranks U-M as one of the top universities for undergraduate teaching.

What a colloquium means?

A colloquy is a conversation, and especially an important, high-level discussion. Colloquy and colloquium once meant the same thing, though today colloquium always refers to a conference. Because of its old “conversation” meaning, however, a colloquium is a type of conference with important question-and-answer periods.