What is Vertimec used for?

Insecticides-acaricides: it acts on pests mainly by ingestion. Vertimec is an acaricide that acts on pests mainly by ingestion. Once applied on the leaf surface, Vertimec quickly penetrates the inside of sheets, thanks to its action translaminar, and is protected from possible washed by the rain and subsequent risks.

How do you use abamectin insecticide?

Use droppers to direct spray onto plants away from the inter-row. Apply at the first sign of pest activity. Re-apply as pest numbers indicate or every 7 to 10 days with a maximum of 5 applications to the crop. If mites are also a problem DO NOT use more than 2 Apparent Abamectin 18 Miticide/Insecticide sprays per crop.

What is the active ingredient in Vertimec?

Toxicity of Vertimec® 18 EC (active ingredient abamectin) to the neotropical cladoceran Ceriodaphnia silvestrii. Chemosphere.

How do you use emamectin benzoate?

Emamectin benzoate is administered orally via feed (50 μg/kg fish daily for 7 days) and is distributed via the blood to the skin and mucus of the fish, which in turn are consumed by the salmon lice. The drug is highly effective against pre-adult and adult lice and prevents the maturation of chalimus to motile stages.

What is the difference between abamectin and ivermectin?

Abamectin is a precursor to ivermectin. It differs from ivermectin in having a double-bond at the C22–23 position. Both drugs seem to share common mode of action, but they differ in their activity against nematode infections, abamectin being more active against nematodes than ivermectin (Shoop et al., 1995).

Can abamectin be used on vegetables?

Major applications for which abamectin is currently registered include uses on ornamental plants, citrus, cotton, pears and vegetable crops at rates in the range of 5 to 27 grams abamectin per hectare as a foliar spray.

How long is abamectin last?

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Shelf Life Abamectin 0.15 EC has a shelf life of 6 to 8 months when stored in a cool dry environment. Once opened Abamectin should be used within a month.
Yield One quart of Abamectin will treat 4 to 8 acres depending on target pest. See label for exact coverages.

How long does it take for abamectin to work?

Abamectin has shown to kill target insects within 3 to 4 days of contact and achieve a domino effect in killing an entire colony or infestation via the spreading of the poison through contact or food sharing with the other insects in the population.

Can humans take abamectin?

Abamectin, an analogue of ivermectin, is used in humans to treat Onchocerca volvulus.

Can abamectin be used on dogs?

Acute Toxicity and Tolerance of Abamectin In most countries abamectin is not approved for use on dogs and cats.