What is VMware horizon agent?

On virtual machines, this agent communicates with Horizon Client to provide features such as connection monitoring, virtual printing, Horizon Persona Management, and access to locally connected USB devices.

How do I find my VMware Connection Server?

Connecting Using View Connection Server From the Options > Configuration > Session menu on the PCoIP Zero Client’s OSD, select the View Connection Server connection type. In the DNS Name or IP Address field, enter the DNS name or IP address of your View Connection Server (or VMware Horizon DaaS Desktop Portal).

How do I fix virtual machine agent is not ready?

Troubleshooting VM agent that is in Not Ready status

  1. Step 1 Check whether the Windows Azure Guest Agent service is installed. Check for the Package.
  2. Step 2 Check whether auto-update is working. The Windows Azure Guest Agent has an auto-update feature.
  3. Step 3 Check whether the VM can connect to the Fabric Controller.

How do you get horizon agent logs?

You can get logs from multiple places using “support. bat”. You can either launch this from Explorer or from the Command Line. I normally do it from the command line to watch its progress and be able to spot errors along the way without the CLI disappearing when it is done and or errors out.

How do you troubleshoot a hang virtual machine?

Guest Operating system on the Virtual machine may cause VM to appear unresponsive….Action Plan

  1. Suspend the virtual machine and collect the .
  2. Collect logs from the host running the virtual machine.
  3. Power the virtual machine back on, then reset it.

How do I use VMware optimization tool?

Using the Windows OS Optimization Tool for Horizon involves the following steps:

  1. Snapshot the golden virtual machine before you start.
  2. Analyze the golden image.
  3. (Optional but recommended) Configure the Common Options settings.
  4. Verify that the list of optimizations checked are those that you want to apply.

Which are two custom setup options when installing VMware horizon agent on a master image?

All custom setup options are selected by default except USB Redirection, Scanner Redirection, Smartcard Redirection, Serial Port Redirection, Flash Redirection, Skype for Business, VMware Horizon Instant Clone Agent, HTML5 Multimedia Redirection, Horizon Performance Tracker, VMware Integrated Printing, and SDO Sensor …

How do I download VMware tools?

To install VMware Tools, follow this procedure:

  1. Start the virtual machine.
  2. On the menu of the VMware console window, choose Player→Manage→Install VMware Tools. The dialog box shown here appears.
  3. Click Download and Install.
  4. Follow the instructions in the Setup program to install the VMware tools.