What is Websense Triton?

TRITON® APX. Websense® Web Filter & Security provides defenses against productivity draining web content and threats to operations. It ensures organizational productivity by delivering defenses against productivity draining web activity while providing the necessary security in a world of advanced threats.

What is Forcepoint Triton AP-Web?

TRITON AP-WEB gives you the Web security you need. It provides comprehensive real-time, inline protection against advanced threats that use sophisticated techniques to evade detection while they’re stealing your sensitive data, as well as insider threats such as employee theft and malware that slips into your network.

What is Websense used for?

Websense Web security software monitors Internet requests, logs activity, applies Internet usage filters, and reports on activity. In addition, Web Security Gateway Anywhere (if included in your subscription) protects you from data loss over the Web, providing security for outbound content as well.

What is Websense DLP?

Forcepoint DLP Endpoint is a comprehensive, secure, and easy-to-use endpoint data loss prevention solution. It monitors real-time traffic and applies customized security policies over application and storage interfaces, as well as for data discovery.

How do you break a Websense?

Right-click the Websense service name, and then select Stop or Start.

What is Triton AP endpoint?

TRITON® AP-ENDPOINT protects roaming users against Advanced Threats and data theft on and off your network in an easy-to-use solution. Advanced technologies help you quickly identify and protect sensitive data and provide actionable forensic insight into attacks on endpoint devices on or off network.

What is Forcepoint Triton APX?

Forcepoint TRITON APX is the first platform to combine all three requirements into a single, unified solution. TRITON APX is powered by Forcepoint ACE (Advanced Classification Engine), with powerful real-time defenses informed by global threat intelligence.

Who bought Websense?

Waltham, Mass. -based Raytheon acquired an 80 percent stake in Forcepoint, then known as Websense, for $1.9 billion in 2015 from Vista Equity Partners.

What is Websense Enterprise?

Websense Enterprise is a third-party Internet filtering package that allows you to use Internet content filtering through the SonicWALL. 1. Navigate to the Security Services > Content Filtering page. 2. Select Websense Enterprise from the Content Filter Type drop-down menu.

What is the full form of DLP?

Data loss prevention (DLP) — sometimes referred to as data leak prevention, information loss prevention and extrusion prevention — is a strategy for preventing individuals from accessing sensitive information who do not need it.