What is Zwickel beer?

Pronounced ‘zv-ick-el’, the flagship lager of our Reverence Series (classically crafted, timeless, European-style biers) is an unfiltered, unpasteurized, German classic that finishes as a smooth-drinking, naturally cloudy bier.

What is Zwickel lager?

Zwickelbier is an unfiltered German lager that’s cloudy, refreshing and sessionable. It’s a bready, yeasty beer that’s balanced and unpretentious. It can appeal to those who want a “beer that tastes like beer” while at the same time having enough complexity for those who want to think about what they’re drinking.

What are German beers called?

1. Pils. This is the most common beer found in most parts of the country and almost certainly what springs to mind when most folks conjure up a “typical German beer” in their head. The word Pils actually is short for Pilsener (or Pilsner) meaning coming from the city of Pilsen.

What makes a Keller beer?

Kellerbier is a beer that merges the best of British cask ale with German malts and hops in a unique lager style. You can learn to make one here! Kellerbier is a beer that merges the best of British cask ale with German malts and hops in a unique lager style.

What style beer is Kellerbier?

Kellerbier is a type of German beer, a lager, which is typically neither clarified nor pasteurised. The term Kellerbier literally translates as “cellar beer”, referring to its cool lagering temperatures. Its recipe probably dates to the Middle Ages.

What is Kellerpils?

Traditionally, kellerbiers were a treat for visitors to a German brewery. The name refers to unfiltered beer straight from the cellar. Our Keller Pils is an unfiltered version of a German Pilsner, hazy and medium-bodied, with a bready malt flavor and floral hop bite.

What is a Franconian lager?

Franconian Kraft is a kellerbier style from the region of Franconia in Bavaria. This kellerbier utilizes floor malted specialty malts from Germany, and is hopped with a noble hop, Perle. It is a rustic, amber, and malty interpretation of a classic country lager.

Is lager bier German?

Etymology. Until the 19th century, the German word Lagerbier (de) referred to all types of bottom-fermented, cool-conditioned beer in normal strengths. In Germany today, it mainly refers to beers in southern Germany, “Helles” (pale) and “Dunkel” (dark).

Is Zwickel a wheat beer?

An unfiltered wheat, but German style. A great beer and a great style!

Where is Zwickel brewed?

This Cuvée René is brewed with aged hops, wild fermented in Belgium’s Senne River valley, and matured in oak barrels before undergoing a second, in-bottle fermentation. This extraordinary oude gueuze boasts plenty of funk, hints of citrus, and crisp, tart complexity.

What is a Keller Pils?

Is Bier German for beer?

Pennsylvania German Compare German Bier, Dutch bier, English beer.