What percentile is 90 marks in CAT?

CAT 2016-2020 Score vs Percentile Mapping

Percentile/Year CAT 2020* CAT 2019
96%ile 80 125
95%ile 76 120
90%ile 62 99
80%ile 57 75

How is percentile of CAT 2021 calculated?

How is CAT Percentile Calculated? R= Rank of the candidate assigned on the basis of scaled CAT score or total number of candidates who rank below you. Suppose, 1,000 people take CAT and you bag the top rank, which means 999 candidates scored less than you. Then your percentile will be 999/1000*100= 99.9.

Is 60 percentile CAT good?

Is the 60th percentile good in CAT? 60 percentile in CAT in an average score. You will not be able to apply to IIMs and other top B-Schools of India with 60 percentile in CAT. You are advised to appear for CAT next year and score well in the exam.

Is it hard to get 85 percentile CAT?

If a student gets 85 percentile, then it means that 85% of the students who appeared in the CAT exam have scored less than him. Moreover, students securing 85 percentile or above suggests that they are in the top 15 percent of the total number of students who sat for the entrance exam.

What is a scaled score on the pedi?

The scaled score range is 0−100, with “0” reflecting low functioning and “100” reflecting high functioning. These scores can be graphed on the score form for analysis of an individual child’s relative strengths and weaknesses.

What is a Pedicat?

The PEDI-CAT measures abilities in three functional domains: Daily Activities, Mobility and Social/Cognitive. The PEDI-CAT software utilizes Item Response Theory (IRT) statistical models to estimate a child’s abilities from a minimal number of the most relevant items or from a set number of items within each domain.

Is 40 percentile good in CAT?

A 40 percentile score would mean a rank of 150,000. A 90 percentile would mean around 25,000.

IS 200 is the average score in CAT exam?

Half of the people who give the CAT exam, score above 200 and half of the people score below 200. Hence 200 is the median score. The highest CAT score is 400 and the lowest score is 100.

Is 55 percentile good in CAT?

If you have scored 50 or 60 percentile, you can expect a good MBA college for admission 2022. MBA Colleges accepting Cut off of between 50 and 60 percentile in CAT 2021 include some of the good MBA colleges in India.