What pickups does Thurston Moore use?

Pickups: 2 Seymour Duncan Antiquity II for Jazzmaster Pickups (Neck & Bridge) Controls: Master Volume.

What AMP does Thurston Moore use?

We’ll start by talking about the Peavey Roadmaster. This valve amplifier, of nothing more nor less than 160 watts, has accompanied Moore virtually throughout his career, and has almost always been linked to a 4×12 Marshall speaker.

Are Jazzmaster pickups noisy?

Noise levels on a Jazzmaster are higher than on a Strat pickup due to its larger surface area. You can expect more 60 cycle hum than a typical Fender (more of a P90 level hum), but Jazzmasters were always RWRP sets, which reduced the hum when the pickups were used together.

What pickups does Sonic Youth use?

Lee Ranaldo Jazzmaster The Moore model’s more guttural (but still clear) sounding twin, the Ranaldo Jazzmaster, comes equipped with Fender Wide Range humbucking pickups which Seth Lover developed in the early 1970s as Fender’s answer to the Gibson humbucker (which was also designed by Lover).

What pedals did Sonic Youth use?

According to Sonic Youth’s official website, Thurston Moore use ProCo Turbo Rat. The pedal was also mentioned in the Premier Guitar’s 2017 interview.

What amps did Sonic Youth use?

Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb An image of Thurston’s Deluxe Reverb reissue can be seen on the Sonic Youth Gear Guide. It appears he used a similar setup to that of his Twin Reverb in previous years.

What pedals did Thurston Moore use?

Tom Verlaine was the model for the Jazzmaster.

  • Sonic Youth icon Thurston Moore doesn’t stray from this ’64 Jazzmaster, which he acquired while on tour in 2003.
  • Moore’s pedals while touring Spain in 2012 included a Sovtek Big Muff, Pro Co Turbo RAT (his most used pedal), MXR Octave Fuzz, MXR Phase 90, and a Boss tuner.

Are Jazzmaster pickups the same size as P90s?

The Jazzmaster pickup has a wider coil. The P90 coil is twice as tall as the Jazzmaster coil. Jazzmaster pickups have magnetized alnico rod pole pieces while P90s have adjustable pole pieces magnetized by a pair of bar magnets attached underneath.