What rearward means?

1 : located at, near, or toward the rear. 2 : directed toward the rear a rearward glance.

What is a synonym for backwards?

Towards a position behind or to the rear. rearward. backwards. retrograde. reverse.

What does it mean to go backwards?

to go backward These words mean to move or go in the direction that is opposite to the one you are facing. When a vehicle (or its driver) reverses, it moves backward, or is moved backward. Back or back up can also be used.

What is face backwards?

verb. If someone or something faces a particular thing, person, or direction, they are positioned opposite them or are looking in that direction.

What is the biblical meaning of Rereward?

rereward (plural rerewards) Obsolete spelling of rearward (in the archaic and historical military sense of rearguard and the obsolete sense of haunches, buttocks). [

What does aft stand for?


Acronym Definition
AFT American Federation of Teachers
AFT After
AFT Afternoon
AFT American Farmland Trust

What is a backward person?

​old-fashionedused for describing a child or student who is unable to make normal progress in learning. It is now more acceptable to say that someone has learning difficulties. Synonyms and related words. Offensive words for people who have specific medical conditions.

What is the opposite of backwardness?

Opposite of unwillingness to do something. boldness. confidence. assertiveness. forwardness.

What’s the opposite of backwards?

Opposite of towards a position behind or to the rear. forward. frontward. front.

What does Burgundy sauce mean backwards?

What does burgundy sauce sound like backwards? According to Urban Dictionary, saying burgundy sauce backwards basically sounds like a racial slur. To say it backwards the video actually has to be reversed on Snapchat or a digital voice reverser app in order to work.

What is free backwards?

· Apr 17, 2020. If someone says for example “free kelly till it’s backwards” it means do it till it’s the opposite and he’s free.