What series is Braun 7526?

Ultra-sharp Replacement Foil and Cutter Cartridge for Braun 70S Series 7 Shavers Silver.

Can you overcharge a Braun razor?

It does not overcharge, it shuts off after it has charged, but I’m not sure if charging the battery daily is harmful or not for its overall life.

How long does a Braun battery last?

The battery life you can get from your Series 3 shaver depends on the subline. The Braun Series 3 ProSkin models offer about 45 minutes in battery life. The base Series 3 models provide around 30 minutes of shaving per charge. None of the Series 3 models can be used while charging.

How does the Braun Smart Care Center work?

SmartCare Center. Hygienically clean your shaver, remove hair and skin particles.

  1. Charges. At the intuitive touch of a button, your shaver is hygienically cleaned, lubricated and charged for maximum convenience.
  2. Cleans.
  3. Lubricates.
  4. Dries.

Are Braun charging stations interchangeable?

Even though all the clean & charge stations across Braun’s lines of electric shavers use the same cartridges, they can be different in the way they work.

Can I leave my shaver plugged in?

Yes. It will automatically stop charging once the battery is full.

How long does an electric razor take to charge?

Insert the small plug of the charger into the bottom of the shaver and put the supply unit in the wall socket. Depending on the shaver model, the charging time may vary from 1 to 8 hours.

Can you replace the battery in a Braun shaver?

Can I replace the battery of my Braun device myself? No. To replace the batteries, the device must be taken apart by a trained person and should not be attempted by a consumer. In addition, you may compromise the water-tightness of the device if you try to change the battery yourself.

Can you use an electric razor while charging?

Can you use an electric shaver while it’s charging? Most dry only electric razors will allow you to shave with the cord plugged in. This can be convenient if the battery is completely drained or when it can’t hold a decent charge anymore. Wet & dry electric razors will only work cordless as a safety precaution.

What happens if you don’t clean your electric shaver?

Razors that aren’t thoroughly cleaned after use can accumulate dead skin cells and debris, which can harbor bacteria.