What shops are in Exmouth Devon?

Exmouth Indoor Market. Flea & Street Markets • Farmers Markets.

  • Sea Dog Art Gallery. Art Galleries.
  • EMA Market. Flea & Street Markets.
  • Seaway Gallery. Art Galleries.
  • Infusion Art Cafe. Speciality & Gift Shops • Art Galleries.
  • Liquid Motion Watersports. Speciality & Gift Shops.
  • Colletts models of exmouth.
  • Ella’s.
  • Is Exmouth a good place to live?

    One of the UK’s well loved seaside towns, Exmouth is a popular place to live and visit and is officially the largest of the UK’s South Coast holiday resorts. There is also an excellent bus route with services running every 15 minutes at peak times well into the early hours of the morning between Exeter and Exmouth.?

    Is Exmouth a seaside town?

    Exmouth is one of the oldest seaside towns in Devon and is a great spot for visiting the World Heritage Jurassic Coast. Find two miles of sandy beach where you can relax, take a stroll or indulge in some water sports.

    What is the population of Exmouth?

    Information Exmouth – An Overview The 2011 Census showed that Exmouth had a population of 34,400, representing just over a quarter of the total population within East Devon (132,500) and making it the largest town in the East Devon district.

    Is Exmouth good for shopping?

    Exmouth has a lively town centre and is one of Devon’s larger urban areas. It has a busy shopping centre, an indoor market and shops of many kinds catering for all tastes. The Magnolia Centre is a pedestrianised area ideal for family shopping away from traffic. There are beautiful flower displays there in summer.

    Is Exmouth Market open on Sunday?

    Exmouth Market is a semi-pedestrianised street in Clerkenwell in the London Borough of Islington, and the location of an outdoor street market of 32 stalls….Exmouth Market.

    The street market in November 2006
    Location Clerkenwell, Islington, Greater London
    Environment Outdoor
    Goods sold Various
    Days normally open Monday–Saturday

    Is Exeter a safe city?

    Exeter, like most of Devon is a very safe place to live, but the city centre has a higher crime rate than most of the county with burglary, robbery, theft and vehicle crime contributing significantly to that higher rate. The key areas of focus for Safer Central Exeter are: Exeter High Street.

    Is Exmouth affluent?

    In contrast, the most affluent area in the district is also one of the most prosperous neighbours in the UK – Exmouth Brixington (rank 10) and is 32,202nd on the depravation – putting it as the 642nd most affluent neighbourhood in Britain.

    Which is nicer Sidmouth or Exmouth?

    Sidmouth is for the well off, Lots of small shops, cinema, theatre. Popular with the elderly. Mainly pebble beach but a more sandy area if you look. Exmouth More downmarket.

    Which is better Exmouth or Teignmouth?

    Exmouth is more a resort town. Teignmouth is a resort too and also has a small working port. Both have good local rail and bus links.

    Why is Exmouth famous?

    Though Exmouth may be more famous for its snorkelling, fishing and diving spots off-shore, it’s also home to a unique water system that is best explored by kayak. Yardie Creek flows all year round winding its way past stark, red rock cliffs.

    How many houses are in Exmouth?


    All private dwellings 1,699
    Median weekly household income $1,740
    Median monthly mortgage repayments $2,167
    Median weekly rent $315
    Average motor vehicles per dwelling 2.1

    What can you find on Exmouth High Street?

    The Magnolia Centre and the Parade mix well known High Street brands with local independent stores, including butchers, greengrocers, bakers, fashion shops and music shops. Around the recently re-developed Strand area is Exmouth’s Café Quarter, with a range of restaurants, coffee shops, bars and other food and drink outlets.

    Where can I buy ‘taste of Exmouth’ stickers?

    There’s Exeter Road and Albion Hill, offering a huge range of independent traders selling almost everything you can think of. Look around for the ‘Taste of Exmouth’ stickers in independent local retailers around the town and sample for yourself. You’ll enjoy the difference and support your local independent shops at the same time.

    Why choose Exmouth computers?

    Established for over 20 years, Exmouth Computers has been at the centre of helping with all things PC within the local community and the go to place for help and advice. In recent years, we have also become the foremost experts locally, in gaming offering a full range of consoles releases and gaming PC builds/upgrades.