What size towel bar fits two towels?

If you have the space, a 30″ towel bar is great for holding two standard bath towels folded in thirds. Of course another option for holding two towels is to get a 24″ double towel bar.

What is the purpose of a double towel bar?

A double rack is a great handy tool for hanging towels. You can use the front dowel of a double towel bar to hang the most used bathroom stuff like the hand towels and use the back dowel to hang your favorite bath towels. It is super convenient and looks pleasing!

What is an 18 towel bar for?

An 18-inch towel bar is ideal for hand towels, a 24-inch towel bar works well for bath towels and a 24- to 36-inch towel bar is ideal for bath sheets. Choose a towel bar that matches the proportions of the bathroom.

Where should two towel bars be placed?

When installing multiple towel bars, place the highest and then fold a towel at that level. The second bar would be placed 2 inches below the bottom of the towel or you can have them overlap each other. In this situation, you’d want the top bar to be at least 50 inches from the floor.

How do you know what size towel bar to get?

A hand towel bar length typically measure about sixteen to eighteen inches. This will provide sufficient space to hold your hand towel. The compact size should fit just about wherever you want it as well, making it perfect for both small and large bathrooms.

How many towels can you fit on a 24 towel bar?

If you want to hang hand towels that are 16 to 18 inches wide (eight to nine inches folded), choose an 18-inch-long towel bar to fit one unfolded towel or two folded lengthwise or a 24- or 30-inch-long bar to fit three folded towels.

What size should a towel bar be?

18”, 24” and 30” are the most common towel bar sizes. Each towel bar can be placed and used effectively in different situations. For smaller bathroom and powder rooms, 18” towel bars will be sufficient for both hand towels and folded bath towels. 24” towel bars are great for both small and large bathroom spaces.

What is the average towel size?

Crane & Canopy Bath Towel Dimensions

Washcloth 12″ x 12″
Hand Towels 20″ x 30″
Bath Towels 30″ x 56″
Bath Sheets 40″ x 70″

How far should a towel bar be from the shower?

On a Wall Next to the Shower Remember to mount your towel bar at about 48 inches above the ground in order to achieve maximum accessibility and comfort.