What stores are in South Shore Alameda?

Alameda South Shore Center Management Office.

  • CP Photos & Frames.
  • Fidelity National Title. COMING SOON.
  • JADO Recycling.
  • Neptune Beach Batting Cages.
  • Ohgane Korean Bbq.
  • Olivia Butt, M.D.
  • South Shore Cafe.
  • What stores are at Alameda shopping center?

    Store list – Stores in La Alameda Shopping Center

    • Adriana’s Insurance.
    • Bank of America.
    • Big 5 Sporting Goods.
    • Carter’s.
    • Chipotle.
    • Chuck E. Cheese’s.
    • Cold Stone Creamery.
    • CVS.

    Does Alameda have a downtown?

    Downtown Alameda is centrally located in the San Francisco Bay Area and encompasses the Historic Park Street District. It’s a great place for families and people of all ages. Come explore all that our downtown has to offer!

    What is Alameda famous for?

    On September 6, 1869, the Alameda Terminal made history; it was the site of the arrival of the first train via the First Transcontinental Railroad to reach the shores of San Francisco Bay, thus achieving the first coast to coast transcontinental railroad in North America.

    How long is Alameda beach?

    2.5 miles
    The park was subsequently known as “Alameda Memorial Beach” until it was renamed for a local politician, Assemblyman Robert W. Crown (1922 – 1973) who was struck and killed by a vehicle while crossing the street. The current visitor center building was used as the base infirmary. The beach is 2.5 miles (4.0 km) long.

    What is the zip code for Alameda California?

    Alameda/Zip codes

    What is Alameda in English?

    Spanish speakers used álamo as the basis for their word alameda, which can name either a grove of poplars or a tree-lined avenue. English speakers found alameda so appropriate for a shady public promenade that they borrowed it as a generic term in the 1700s.

    Is Alameda worth visiting?

    Alameda has the best collection of Victorians in the area If you’ve seen enough of the grand ol’ houses, there’s also a ton of craftsman homes and historic buildings that predate WWII — the city estimates that there are more than 10,000 buildings that were constructed before 1930.

    Why did the Alameda naval base close?

    Nimitz. The base was closed in 1997 pursuant to Base Realignment and Closure action. Its runways were also closed and the airfield was not reutilized as a civilian airport.

    Who is the most famous person from Alameda CA?

    Famous People From Alameda, California – #1 is Vin Diesel.

    Is Alameda a nice place to live?

    Alameda has long earned its reputation as one of California’s best places to live. It offers residents an urban feel with a mix of dining, shopping, and nightlife opportunities while placing them just far away enough from the city.

    Is it safe to swim in Alameda?

    Easy access in Alameda. This beach has some of the warmest ocean water in the bay area. The swimming area is also fairly shallow, making it a safer, more protected swimming area.