What type of ride is Pandemonium at Drayton Manor?

From Friday 28 October to Sunday 31 October, we’re inviting brave ride fans to experience Pandemonium’s heart-racing pendulum swing, before it closes to pave the way for exciting new developments to the park.

Is Pandemonium scary Drayton Manor?

You won’t know which way is up as you fly in circles at heart-stopping speeds on Pandemonium, the ride that will leave you reeling. Push yourself to new limits on this thrilling adventure as you experience the intense speed and power of one of our scariest rides.

How tall do you have to be to go on Pandemonium?


Ride Height Restriction
Pandemonium Minimum height of 1.4m and 2m maximum.
Shockwave Minimum height of 1.4m
Stormforce 10 Minimum height of 1.3m. Guests under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a responsible person aged 16 years or over.
The Haunting Children under 1.2m must be accompanied by an adult

Why is pandemonium closing?

As part of Looping Group’s major investment plans, Pandemonium’s closure “will enable the park to continue to expand its offering and make it an even better destination for theme park fans, young and old”, bosses said today.

Why is Pandemonium closing?

How many loops does Shockwave have?

Shockwave (Drayton Manor)

Drop 105 ft (32 m)
Length 1,640 ft (500 m)
Speed 53 mph (85 km/h)
Inversions 4

Is there a log flume at Drayton Manor?

Log Flume was a Log Flume built by French manufacturer Reverchon that was previously located at Drayton Manor Theme Park in Fazeley, Staffordshire, England, UK. The ride was extended from one drop to three for the 1987 season. The ride was scrapped and replaced by Stormforce 10 for the 1999 season.

Who is Drayton Manor owned by?

The Looping Group
The Looping Group, a French Company with 16 leisure parks dedicated to families across Europe, have owned Drayton Manor Resort since 2020.

How many rides does Thomas Land have?

25 rides
With over 25 rides and attractions, Thomas Land™ really caters for every member of the family.

Is Drayton Manor shutting down?

Staffordshire-based family attraction Drayton Manor Park has confirmed it has been sold, as part of a pre-pack administration, to Looping Group – a European company operating 15 leisure parks across the UK, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and Portugal.