What type of sheet does a DataTable hold by default in UFT?

By default, each action in UFT has its own Datatable but it can be accessed from any action within a test. Datatable is loaded with amazing functionalities and it’s up to you how you leverage its benefits in your automation test scripts. There are two types of DataTable in UFT.

What is runtime table in UFT?

The run-time data table contains a copy of the design time data table when a script is executed. It may contain values that are changed during script execution and are presented in the test result summary. The changes made to the data table during run-time are not saved to design time data table.

What is global DataTable?

A Global Data Table is typically used to store content that is not recipient specific. This could be publication data, product data, or brand data. You use Global Data Tables to store a series of Global Data in Global Data Table fields.

How do I export data from DataTable to excel in UFT?

There are two options to save the data table:

  1. Using a hardcoded filename: DataTable.Export(Environment(“TestDir”) & “\MyDynamicallySavedExcel.xls”)
  2. Using a variable filename: DataTable.Export(Environment(“TestDir”) & “\” & strFileName & “.xls”)

How do you change the DataTable sheet name?


  1. $(document). ready(function() {
  2. //Only needed for the filename of export files.
  3. //Normally set in the title tag of your page.
  4. document. title=’DataTable Excel’;
  5. // DataTable initialisation.
  6. $(‘#example’). DataTable(
  7. {
  8. “dom”: ‘<“dt-buttons”Bf><“clear”>lirtp’,

What is the difference between GetRoProperty and GetTOProperty?

GetRoProperty retrieves the run-time value of an object property from the object in the application. However, GetToProperty retrieves the value of the specified description properties from the test object description that means it retrieves the object property that is stored in the object repository.