What was placebos first single?

The newly formed band released the single “Come Home” on Deceptive Records in February 1996. This led to signing a contract with Hut Records and the band began to work on their debut album.

What was placebos biggest hit?

1. ‘Taste In Men’: Placebo may not always get due credit for the sheer breadth of ground and sounds they’ve covered, which is why it’s fitting that this bubbling, space-age blast of howling, claustrophobic electro-rock should prove a career highlight.

What happened Placebo?

Hewitt left Placebo in 2007, due to personal and musical differences. He was replaced the following year by Steve Forrest. Placebo released two albums with Forrest, who left in 2015 to pursue his own musical career….Placebo (band)

Members Brian Molko Stefan Olsdal
Past members Robert Schultzberg Steve Hewitt Steve Forrest

Did Kate Bush sing with placebo?

PLACEBO. Slow-burning and suspenseful, Placebo rocks the darkest version of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill.” This version is slow-paced and full of those creepy goth vibes. Perfect for your Halloween playlist or as the soundtrack to a grueling climb in spin class.

What is the best placebo?

10 Best Placebo Songs

  • Virgin. ‘Sleeping With Ghosts’
  • PIAS. ‘F— U’
  • Virgin. ‘Every You Every Me’
  • Virgin. ‘Teenage Angst’
  • PIAS/Vagrant. ‘The Movie On Your Eyelids’
  • Virgin. ‘Nancy Boy’ ‘Placebo’ (1996)
  • Virgin. ‘Without You I’m Nothing’ ‘Without You I’m Nothing’ (1998)
  • Virgin. ‘My Sweet Prince’ ‘Without You I’m Nothing’ (1998)

Who is the lead singer of Placebo?

Brian MolkoPlacebo / Lead singer

Who is the drummer for Placebo?

Steve Forrest2008 – 2015
Robert Schultzberg1994 – 1996Steve Hewitt1996 – 2007

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