What were the wind speeds of Zeta?

After landfall, the highest sustained wind speed recorded near ground level, 94 mph, came from a public source at Golden Meadow at 4:39 p.m. Oct. 28. Gusts were recorded at 110 mph. Storms reach Category 3 strength when sustained winds reach 111 mph.

Where did Hurricane Zeta go?

Hurricane Zeta made landfall as a Category 1 hurricane on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula before weakening on entering the Gulf of Mexico. The hurricane went through rapid intensification, jumping several categories, before making landfall on the Louisiana coast on Oct. 28, 2021.

What category storm was Zeta?

Category 3 Hurricane (SSHWS)Hurricane Zeta / Category

When did Hurricane Zeta hit?

The hurricane moved much faster toward the west-northwest beginning on that day as deep-layer high pressure strengthened to the north, and Zeta made landfall near Ciudad Chemuyil, Mexico around 0355 UTC 27 October with an estimated intensity of 75 kt and a minimum central pressure of 977 mb.

How many people died in Hurricane Katrina?

1,833Hurricane Katrina / Total fatalities

Was Zeta a cat 3?

Hurricane Zeta, which swept through southeast Louisiana at the tail end of the 2020 hurricane season, has been upgraded to a major, Category 3 storm at Louisiana landfall, according to a federal report released on May 11 that underscored the intensity of the already record-breaking storm season.

What states did Hurricane Zeta hit?

After hitting the Louisiana coast as a Category 2 hurricane, Zeta’s strong winds caused widespread power outages in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas.

When did Hurricane Zeta hit 2020?

Zeta became a hurricane 200 miles southeast of Cozumel, Mexico, early on Oct. 26, making landfall in Ciudad Chemuyil, Mexico, about 60 miles south of Cozumel, that night. The next morning, Zeta was a 65 mph tropical storm, but its emergence over the Gulf of Mexico meant it could quickly gather strength once again.

What category is Hurricane Nicholas 2021?

Category 1 Hurricane (SSHWS)Hurricane Nicholas / Category