What words have cord in them?

7 letter words containing cord

  • concord.
  • discord.
  • cordial.
  • cordoba.
  • ripcord.
  • cordage.
  • cordite.
  • cordate.

What are words that start with cord?

8-letter words that start with cord

  • cordless.
  • corduroy.
  • cordwood.
  • cordovan.
  • cordwain.
  • cordites.
  • cordobas.
  • cordlike.

How many words can you get out of a cord?

Words that can be made with cord 11 words can be made from the letters in the word cord.

What 3 letter word ends in of?

Matches entered block of letters in sequence anywhere in the word….3-letter words ending with OF.

BOF dof
hof IOF
lof MoF
oof wof

What are some words with the suffix Ty?

Category:English words suffixed with -ty

  • ficklety.
  • parity.
  • admiralty.
  • property.
  • subtlety.
  • squiralty.
  • plausibility.
  • difficulty.

What words have the suffix ier?

10-letter words that end in ier

  • multiplier.
  • bombardier.
  • chandelier.
  • greenbrier.
  • classifier.
  • humidifier.
  • quantifier.
  • sweetbrier.

What words have Cor in them?

Words That Contain COR

  • cord.
  • core.
  • corf.
  • cork.
  • corm.
  • corn.
  • cors.
  • cory.

What does the prefix Corp mean?

Corp is an abbreviation for “corporation” and “corporal.” Corp, corps, and corpse all trace back to the Latin word corpus, meaning “body.” The origin of core is obscure.

What is synonyms of cord?

Synonyms & Antonyms of cord

  • cable,
  • lace,
  • lacing,
  • line,
  • rope,
  • string,
  • wire.

What is the antonym of cord?

What is the opposite of cord?

disconnection separation
disconnect severance
disengagement detachment
disunion parting
division cut-off