When did NGMN publish the NGMN 5G White Paper?

March 2015
In March 2015 the NGMN 5G White Paper was published: A global initiative has delivered key end-to-end operator requirements intended to guide the development of future technology platforms and related standards, create new business opportunities and satisfy future end-user needs.

What does Ngmn stand for?

Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance
The NGMN Alliance (Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance) is an open forum founded by world-leading mobile network operators.

Why 5G is needed?

Reasons 5G is important 5G is not only important because it has the potential to support millions of devices at ultrafast speeds, but also because it has the potential to transform the lives of people around the world. Improvements in 5G technology can help make life better.

What is the interface between the 5G base station and the 5G core network?

5G NR NG Interface Location: Between 5G RAN and 5G Core Network. Both control plane and user plane lies between them and hence there are two interfaces under NG interface viz. NG-C and NG-U. It is similar to LTE interfaces viz.

What do you mean by NGMN Alliance?

Next Generation Mobile Networks
The Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance is a mobile telecommunications association of mobile operators, vendors, manufacturers and research institutes.

What is next generation mobile services?

Next-generation mobile networks (NGMN) involve the concept that the next generation of wireless communications will be able to deliver voice calls, video streams, website visits, data services and more through the same device on a transparent network.

Which country invented 5G?

The first country to adopt 5G on a large scale was South Korea, in April 2019. Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson predicted that 5G internet will cover up to 65% of the world’s population by the end of 2025.

Which new UE state was introduced in 5G?

Appart form RRC connected and RRC IDLE state, 5G NR has introduced a new RRC state names as RRC Inactive state. When UE is power up it is in Disconnected mode/Idle mode, It can move RRC connected with initial attach or with connection establishment.

What is 5G RAN architecture?

5G utilizes a more intelligent architecture, with Radio Access Networks (RANs) no longer constrained by base station proximity or complex infrastructure. 5G leads the way towards disaggregated, flexible and virtual RAN with new interfaces creating additional data access points.

What is Telecommunication generation?

Each Generation is defined as a set of telephone network standards , which detail the technological implementation of a particular mobile phone system. The speed increases and the technology used to achieve that speed also changes.

What is next generation mobile spectrum?