Where can I get Creative Commons images for free?

FreePik. FreePik is a great source for both stock photography and vector graphics that fall under a Creative Commons license.

  • Pexels. If you’re looking for a real-life photo, give Pexels a try.
  • Pixabay.
  • Unsplash.
  • Nappy.
  • PikWizard.
  • StockSnap.io.
  • Flickr.
  • Where can I find Creative Commons photos?

    Creative Commons Images

    • Bing. As with Google, not all images available via Bing’s image search are available under a Creative Commons license.
    • Compfight.
    • Creative Commons.
    • Europeana.
    • Flaticon.
    • Flickr.
    • Flickr Storm.
    • Folger Shakespeare Library Digital Image Library.

    Can I use Google Creative Commons images?

    Creative Commons licenses: These images are usually available at no charge to use, but require credit. They may also have limitations on how, or in what context, you can use them. For example, an image’s license might state that you can’t modify it or use it for commercial purposes.

    Can I use Creative Commons images for school?

    The Alliance for Excellent Education (All4Ed) just released the second edition of their openly licensed digital image collection, “American Education: Images of Teachers and Students in Action.” This edition features nearly 500 high-quality images of teachers and students licensed Creative Commons Attribution- …

    How can I use Creative Commons images?

    How to Use Creative Commons Search

    1. Navigate to Google Images and select “Tools” on the right, just below the search bar.
    2. In the options that appear, click “Usage rights.”
    3. In the dropdown menu that appears, select the license that suits your needs.

    Is Unsplash copyright free?

    Unsplash grants you an irrevocable, nonexclusive, worldwide copyright license to download, copy, modify, distribute, perform, and use photos from Unsplash for free, including for commercial purposes, without permission from or attributing the photographer or Unsplash.