Where can I watch the House of Elliot?

Watch The House of Eliott, Season 1 | Prime Video.

Is the House of Elliot a true story?

Those Eliott sisters, Bea and Evie, in their fantastic twenties costumes, facing triumph and disaster every week in a tip-top London fashion house (quite clearly located on a square in Bath) – yes, it’s true, their story was painted in quite crude brushstrokes, as if invented by a child.

Why did the BBC cancel the House of Elliot?

Apparently the series came to an end because the sets and costumes were destroyed by a fire and were too expensive to replace.

How many seasons is House of Elliot?


The House of Eliott
No. of series 3
No. of episodes 34
Camera setup Multiple

How many episodes are there in the House of Elliot?

34The House of Eliott / Number of episodes

What is Louise Lombard doing now?

Louise Lombard is an English actress. She currently portrays Trish Daniels in the romance drama film, “After We Collided”. She reprised her role in the third and fourth films, After We Fell and After Ever Happy.

Was there a season 4 of House of Elliott?

BBC One – French and Saunders, Series 4, House of Eliott.

Is there a House of Eliott Season 4?

What happened to Lombard on CSI?

She played Special Agent Lara Macy in charge of the NCIS Office of Special Projects in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, there was negative audience reaction to Macy and as such, Lombard was dropped from the series with Macy being killed off prior to season 7 episode 23 “Patriot Down”.

How old is Louise Lombard?

51 years (September 13, 1970)Louise Lombard / Age

When was the House of Eliott made?

August 31, 1991The House of Eliott / First episode date

How many episodes of House of Eliott are there?