Where do you get feline armor diagrams?

Diagram: Feline armor is a crafting diagram in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that is needed to craft Feline armor. It’s found on Mad Kiyan’s body along with the trousers, boots, and gauntlets diagrams, as well as moonblade and laboratory notebook.

Where are the diagrams in Arthach Palace?

These two diagrams are found together at the Arthach Palace Ruins in the north. From the rundown estate where you found the armor diagram, head northwest toward the swamp. The ruins have been taken over by a bandit group called Hansa, who use the ruins as their base of operations.

How do you make enhanced feline armor?

To craft this item, you will need to acquire Diagram: Enhanced Feline armor, obtain the needed number of required Components, then visit a Craftsman with the required Type and Level, and pay the cost to craft it.

Where are the Grandmaster feline diagrams?

The grandmaster feline armor diagram is found at an estate in Northern Toussaint, to the east of the Arthach Palace Ruins. To get inside, walk around the wall until you find the scaffolding and use it to climb over.

How do you get a cat diagram in Witcher 3?

Go inside the main building and turn right to find a chest with two diagrams. Heading south from the Arthach Palace Ruins this time, you’ll come across a cave. Follow the path and turn left and you’ll find the remaining diagrams you need to finish the Feline Armour for good. Looking for more Witcher 3 gear?

Where is the scavenger hunt cat school gear Part 4?

The easiest way to get all the markers on the map is to buy Adalbert Kermith’s fourth map from Lindenvale’s blacksmith. For these you’re headed back to Skellige. The steel sword diagram will likely be the easiest one to find early on, as it’s at Kaer Gelen on Ard Skellig.

Where is the silver sword upgrade diagram?

The silver sword diagram is found just inside Oxenfurt Gate. The marker here can be a little confusing as it’s up on the grassy ledge area just inside Novigrad. Climb up here then, behind the trees, you should find a ladder to climb up to enter someone’s home.

Is feline gear good Witcher 3?

Mastercrafted Feline Witcher Gear Mastercrafted Cat Gear is one of the best light armor sets in the game – it massively improves stamina regeneration, adrenaline point generation and provides an immense increase in attack power. Level 31 is required to wear the armor, while the swords’ wielder needs to be level 30.

How do you upgrade Griffin Gear?

In order to get the enhanced schematics of the Griffin School Gear you will have to obtain two maps: Edwin Greloff’s First Map and Edwin Greloff’s Second Map. You can get both of them from the blacksmith in the Downwarren to the west of Velen (not far from the Keira Metz’s house).

Can you put the hood down on grandmaster feline armor?

yes please, remove the hood, geralt like jester assassin creed with that pointy hood. not fan wearing any masks, squirrel, caesar hat or glasses.